Costa Pacifica Baler

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you…COSTA PACIFICA. This gem of a resort is a place you must put on your summer wishlist. If I could be completely honest with you..I don’t even have to write a proper blog post about it, the pictures are more than enough reason to convince you really. So give it a quick scroll down then head on over to AGODA and book yourself a room! Then please come back to my blog, I still would love to chat with you of course! Pansinin niyo naman ako, please??? 🙂 🙂  

We were fortunate enough to be guests at Costa Pacifica for 3 Days. Team Thirty Six-O was there to do a shoot and I was there to happily blog about it.  It’s the kind of workation (with more of the vacation part for me, hihihihi) you just want to thank the high heavens for. We’re also very, very lucky to have Pat’s team at TSO as our barkada too. Traveling with these kids always promise a lot of good laughs and bloopers along the way. They work very hard but they also know when to let their hair down (in Paolo’s case–hair OUT ba? hehehe,joke!) and have fun 🙂

There’s just so much to say about this resort! As soon as I set foot on the property, I was consumed by this overwhelming feeling of “Bakit ngayon ka lang dumating sa buhay ko!”. It makes you feel like you’ve missed out—How come I was not informed about this place earlier?!?! How come I only discovered this now?!!? And that’s why I’m blogging about it today. To let you in on the secret. You all know that I really make an extra effort to share my discoveries to you, my darling readers, because I really would like to encourage you guys to embrace the beauty of TRAVEL. You don’t have to get on a plane for this one, Baler is a scenic 6 hour drive away from Manila. If you don’t have a van, you can easily access the resort through the Joy Bus.



This was my first time to visit Baler and I really fell in love, instantly. Like I mentioned earlier, the drive was a long one but a very scenic one. You’ll see long stretches of greens, a refreshing sight to behold especially if you’re a city dweller like me. Costa Pacifica lies right by the shore making it the perfect resort for surfers and beach lovers. 

The overall aesthetic of the resort is absolutely captivating. It has the feel of Potato Head Beach Club in Bali meets Bondi Beach in Sydney—-but still uniquely it’s OWN, and uniquely BALER. It’s a Baler playground for all ages filled with cool touches of surf culture and modern Pinoy furniture. The rooms are BIG and AIRY and people… how can you NOT fall in love with the flowers on the wall? I mean seriously, is it even possible?! And please do not trust my lay man photos—the resort is much more impressive when seen with your own eyes. 

I loved the food in Costa Pacifica!!! This was a major PLUS for me 🙂 I guess it’s really a no brainer really, since Costa Pacifica is managed by the Raintree Group, the geniuses behind Stella, Rocket Room, Museum Cafe, Chelsea, and Mr. Jones (ooohhh tapa!!!). So it comes as no surprise that FOOD is indeed one of their strengths. The BEACH HOUSE menu has a deep bench, with a host of international dishes, comfort food, cocktails and pica-picas. But I strongly recommend ordering their BALER specials! These local dishes are infused with a modern twist and will surprise your palette for sure. Oh and get their SUMAN with Coco Jam and Peanut Butter!!! LOVE!

Just outside the resort, you’ll find the famous DIALYN’S BAKERY. They serve freshly baked high quality breads (pan de coco, pan de choco, asado, yema bread, etc) for a fraction of the price of the high end Manila bakeshops. 

The locals treated us so kindly and made us feel right at home. The staff of Costa Pacifica were all very sweet and made our stay very enjoyable! Special thanks to Mela, Pettina and Juliette for taking care of all our arrangements. And of course to Sir Randy, the resort manager, who took the time to really chat with us and attend to us during our stay. 

When in BALER one must surf. It’s a must. The waves are beautiful and are just a few steps from your Costa Pacifica suite. The boys enjoyed catching the waves early in the morning. But if you’re like a lampa-Patty (surfing no likey), don’t worry! There are SO many things you can enjoy in Baler without having to put on a rashguard. The resort can arrange for private heritage or nature tripping tours. We visited the Mother Falls and it was fantastic. A bit of a workout for your feet (wear something comfortable!) but worth the long trek! The TSO kids also climbed the enormous Balete tree which I heard was quite an experience. There’s also a lot to do within the resort grounds, you can play Ping-Pong, take a dip in the pool, get a massage in your room, enjoy a bonfire after dinner—frankly, I was just happy to snooze! The bed had my name written all over it!

On behalf of Team TSO, we’d like to say thank you to Ms. Charisse Vilchez of AGODA Philippines and Ms. Mela Sison for planning this whole shoot slash vacay for us! We will always be grateful for the care and attention and we look forward to visiting you guys again soon 🙂 And to BALER, THANK YOU for being so wonderful!!! You are my new favorite 🙂 
Special thanks to Agoda Philippines. 

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  1. Hi Patty, thanks for sharing your experience in Baler, I can’t wait to visit this place this summer. I’ve been following your travels thru your IG account and kainggit!! But as you’ve said we need to embrace the beauty of travel, i do travel too and i love to travel! Thanks for being an inspiration, hope to see you in person one day. 🙂

  2. Hi Patty! I’m an avid reader of your blog and I’m also from Baler. Just want to let you know that I am sooo sooo happy that finally you got to visit our hidden paradise and I’m glad you liked the place, the people and the FOOOOD! Hope to see you there on your next visit! ♥

  3. How’s the 6hour travel time? Was it hard to find and the type that you have to pass through dirt roads? 🙂

  4. Me & my cousins were there last May & I’m going back March next year with my whole family. We really loved the place, the food, the pool & the beach ! Im sure my family will love the stay, too.