Culinary Gems

Whenever we get work-free weekends, it’s almost like a supreme ALLELUIA opportunity for both me and Patrick. After a very stressful work week for Patrick, we were so happy to finally get some downtime down South. We were quite worried that our Tagaytay plans would be cancelled because of SUPER Mario’s wrath last Friday, but thankfully, the skies cleared up on Saturday morning and it was a very easy drive to Taal Vista 🙂 Without traffic, we made it to Taal Vista in exactly one hour from the middle of the metro where we reside. Kaya lang talaga mag-balikan for a day trip since it’s very accessible, but of course staying overnight is always a good idea. Hihihihi! We always get spoiled rotten with the great service here and that’s why we always try to book a room whenever we can. 🙂

But the MAIN highlight for our weekend stay at Taal Vista was to meet CHEF SAU DEL ROSARIO!!! You know how people get starstruck with artistas? Well, I get starstruck with CHEFS! Hahahaha! Gosh, that makes me such a foodie huh?!? No, but seriously..I’ve been following Chef Sau’s career for years now and I’ve always wanted to meet him! And so it was such a big fangirl moment to meet him in the flesh and to actually enjoy his food with him in the same room! He even sat at our table for a bit and shared his funny stories. He’s incredibly down to earth and as genuine as one could possibly get! Considering all his achievements in the culinary world–both here and abroad,  I was pleasantly surprised to see how warm and friendly he was. 

To celebrate their 75 glorious years, Taal Vista gathered the couture’s premier chefs to come up with special buffet spreads each week. Big names such as Fernando Aracama, Babes Austria, Edwin Santos, Bruce Lim, Jackie&Rolando Laudico and of course, Chef Sau—will be invading the Taal Vista kitchens and feeding Taal Vista guests with the best Filipino food. You can drop by their website to ask for their schedule for the coming months so you can make plans in advance. But if you are free this weekend, I urge you to book your seats for the lunch/dinner buffet of CHEF SAU! It’s his last weekend in Taal Vista, so please, please, please book NOW!!! His food was incredible!!! 
For this buffet spread, Chef Sau went back to his Kapampangan roots and injected his new world skills into each dish. What I can honestly say about Chef Sau is that he is a storyteller—his stories of his childhood, his life abroad, all his triumphs and trials in his career can all be felt in each bite. Nothing pretentious or intimidating, just quality food made with a lot of thought and precision. I loved, loved, loved his LECHON, Sisig Foie Gras, and Kare Kare. And his dessert spread was just mind-blowing!!! If you love food, if you love yourself, book a table now. Hahahaha! 
With the darlings of Taal Vista Hotel/ SM Group of Hotels, Celine Arenillo  and Treena Tecson. We love getting invited by these two! They’re gems in the industry, indeed! 
Folk dancing is always a hit with the balikbayans, tourists, and happy locals like me.
Again, thank you so much CHEF SAU for giving us a truly enjoyable culinary experience. And to TAAL VISTA, Happy 75 Years!!! I look forward to more celebrations with you guys!

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