Dancing our way to Supreme Sexiness

I was never ever the type who would be worried about my little jiggles here and there..but as soon as I did my first fitting for my gown, it just hit me..HECK, I wanna look friggin’ awesome for my wedding day!!!! Thankfully, I had my mom and BFF Alessa during my fitting and somehow they convinced me to ditch my “I don’t care how I look as long as I’m comfortable” attitude and so I’m totally caring from now on.  I used to be “I could wear a sack and I would still be happy” little miss, but not anymore. That was me two weeks ago..but now I’ve crossed over to the “I’m gonna be a bride only once in my life so please Papa Jesus make me pretty”:) 

Alessa (who was just a bride a year ago) told me that it’s important for every bride to look and feel beautiful on her wedding day..not for the guests, not for anyone else, but just for herself. So yeah, I’m doing this for me..and Pat..alam mo naman, selfless akong tao! Mwahahaha! Of course, I wouldn’t want him to bail out on me on the last minute, noh!

Patrick and I have an inside joke, a little challenge between us. The challenge is for each of us to make the other person do a nasty and embarrassing hagulgol on our wedding day. He keeps teasing me for being a softie, saying that I’ll be such a wreck on our wedding day because I’m such an emotional sissy. “Yari ka sa vows ko! My vows will be sooooooo good, HAGULGOL level!! You’ll be gasping for air in between sobs and sniffs!” After which he would mimic an over exaggerated crying Patty. Tipong Mara-Clara level! So when I did my first fitting, the challenge was ACCEPTED! I called him “Booom! It’s over! Yari ka sa dress koooooo!!! When you see me walking down the aisle..PATAY kang bata ka. Grade school HAGULGOL with sinok at asthma attack level! Your best man will have to hand you a coleman with water to stop you from crying! Bring your good morning towel, you’ll be needing it!!You’ll have a bucket full of tears to wipe away!” Of course, his natural reaction is to just shake his head and give me an obnoxious smirk to say “Game on, missy!” He thinks he’s so tough and says he won’t cry..but I know he will. Don’t tell him, I told you. Hahahaha 🙂

So now, I’m on a mission. I must be a ZEXY BRIDE!!!! How I’m gonna do it…I dont know yet exactly. I’ve never really worked on my sexiness before so this is all new to me. Paano ba maging sexy na dilag??? Naku, ang hirap naman! Sexy gods, tulungan niyo po akoooo!!! I would like to summon the strength of ten thousand Anne Curtises and a million Iza Calzados..please grant me the power to grow some abs!

Most of you know I’m allergic to the gym. A few months back, we dragged ourselves to the gym. I got on the treadmill for 5 minutes then transfered to the stationary bicycle and as I started pedaling I realized that the gym’s TV had more awesome cable channels than the ones we had at home! I told Patrick (who was busy lifting his weights) “Yo Babe, they’ve got so many channels!!! Dito nalang tayo tumambay! Let’s bring a tub of popcorn next time!” So the pedaling gradually slowed down..and in 2 minutes, I was just using the bike as a chair to watch Beyonce in a Hollywood special. Needless to say, we never hit the gym again. Who knows, maybe when the wedding day draws nearer..I might just visit the gym again. 
But in the meantime, we discovered a fun way to sexify ourselves. Our friend Alvin, gave us a Kinect for Christmas and guys, it’s DA BEST!!! Pat and I have been obsessing over Just Dance 3. It’s been 3 days of dancing and my body is ailing like an 85 year old! Aguyyyyy. Kailangan pala ata mag-stretching muna. I initially thought of posting a video here then I realized how ugly we looked in our ill-coordinated and ungraceful moves and baggy pambahay clothes..delete,delete,delete! 🙂 You will just have to make do with your imagination for now. Bottomline, it’s not a pretty sight watching two payatot kids in liga shorts dancing like jello. I will however treat you to this video! This dude is amazing!!! He was TOP 1 in the WORLD at some point. Now, Pat and I are more motivated to kembot our way to the top as well.

8 Responses to Dancing our way to Supreme Sexiness

  1. i love your blog!!! and you are so funny 🙂 keep blogging! 🙂 and i like your fashion style! simple yet sophisticated! more more more ~abby

  2. Hi Patty, Xbox is really fun. Try din Dance Central 2, mas modern yung songs. My husband and I used Xbox kinect for our wedding dance. It’s so fun and at least no pressure for him. Hehehe – maye wong

  3. when is the big day?? i’m excited! others say zumba’s good, too. since you’re now into dancing, you might want to try that.