Daniela’s Winter Wonderland Wedding

My sister got hitched 2 years ago in snow-capped Turin, Italy which is the hometown of my favorite (well, by default) brother-in-law Stefano. It was small and I’m not talking “Pinoy” small which is 100 guests..I’m talking really small like “count your fingers and you’ll get the total number of guests” kind of small. But it was perfect and truly memorable for both families and I’m glad Daniela chose to keep it intimate. We had a little ceremony with the town mayor, then we all trekked to a pretty coffee shop in the town center, then drove up to an old bed and breakfast for dinner. Just one table for the entire wedding party!:) They renewed their vows a year after in Boracay with a bigger group, but even that wedding was kept to a minimum. Big weddings are helluva fun and a party for everyone to enjoy..but small weddings are sweet and simple. And I think sweet and simple is what I’m a big fan of as well 🙂 Our wedding won’t be THIS small, but it will be significantly small enough to be meaningful..with only our dearest friends and loved ones celebrating the most special day of our lives! I can’t wait, I’m too darn happy and excited to marry Pat!!! Queso!!:)

7 Responses to Daniela’s Winter Wonderland Wedding

  1. your sister is very pretty! small weddings are really sweet but this is not possible for my very big family, lol 🙂

  2. OMG she got married in my city 🙂
    i love her wedding dress and she’s really pretty!!!
    we also had simple civil wedding then we renewed one year after…
    can’t wait to see your big day!!!
    have a nice weekend. greetings from italy.
    xoxo, Haus of Gala