DaPatty’s International Chocolate Awards 2011

Back in the 80s, imported chocolates were still very expensive. Cadbury was such a big deal and you could only find it in Cash&Carry. Dahil nagtitipid sila, my sneaky and manipulative parents would buy some Cloud 9, take it out of its wrapper and put it inside the Cadbury wrapper (from their left over imported chocolates..the chocolates they didn’t want to share with me). So little 4 year old Patty would be munching away thinking it was Cadbury, pero Cloud 9 lang pala! HMPH. Mental and Emotional Abuse ang tawag dun, kaya pala ang dami kong issues ngayon. Well, to this day I still love Cloud 9, chewy nutty heaven in a bar 🙂 
Being a chocolate connoisseur is no joke. It takes years of practice, it takes skill, talent and determination. Practice–> You must learn how to chew and swallow with minimal effort, you gotta ninja that chocolate into your stomach. It takes a couple of tries before you get the hang of it. Trial and error lang yan! Skill–>To master the fine art of unwrapping the chocolate’s packaging with one hand in 5 seconds, which can be quite tricky for beginners. Of course, chicken na chicken lang ito para sa isang choco-henyong tulad ko. Talent–>I’ve had to sing and dance to acquire the rarest of the rare. And Determination–>You must be determined to finish a box of chocolates on your own, with no one to help you!!! Oh the sheer torture of having to devour a whole pack by yourself. Talk about injustice! I do take this Chocolate Business seriously and I feel it’s my responsibility..my duty to mankind to spread love for chocolates. I’ve encountered some people who are NOT so fond of chocolates, I won’t name names, itago nalang natin sila sa pangalang “Loo-Hu-Sers”. Chocolate Apathy is a mystery to me, some say it’s because Chocolates are TOO sweet at hindi daw sila mahilig sa matamis. WTH? It’s like saying “I don’t like WATER because it’s too thirst quenching” or “I don’t like the SUN because it’s too yellow”. These people are FOOLS, I tell you, Fools who don’t deserve to live on this precious planet! Hahaha, I think I’m getting a bit too carried away with this. 
Since the year is about to end..I feel it is time for the DAPATTY’S INTERNATIONAL CHOCOLATE AWARDS 2011. I say “International” dahil alam niyo naman worldwide ang kasikatan ng aking blog..I have 3 followers in Europe (my sister, her husband, and the dog) and 4 followers in the States (my cousins) and 1 follower in Tunisia (someone I met on a boat). See guys, I’m going GLOBAL. With these BIG numbers, you know I’m ready to conquer the bigger International market! Mwahahahahahaha (that’s my power woman laugh). As a former preschool teacher, I believe that every child is a winner..and in this case, every chocolate is a winner. So I’ve decided to make each chocolate the best in a specific category, this way walang magtatampo sa kin..mahirap na, I wouldn’t want to piss off these chocolate bars.
As a fan of the salty-sweet-crunch combo, this definitely wins! Sadly, this M&Ms edition is only available in the States. Think M&Ms Crispy, only saltier. A close second goes to the Royce Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips. 
BEST IN LAYERING: Ferrero Rocher

These world famous golden balls are one of my ultimate favorites. The packaging alone suggests that you’re in for a treat. You have a nutty chocolate coating, then a crunchy wafer, then a creamy filling, and finally a hazelnut to greet you at the end. Layers of happiness in each ball!

BEST “MELT-IN-YOUR MOUTH”: Royce Nama in Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate
The Japanese always seem to get it right. Cars, Bullet Trains, Robots, Computers, Ninjas, Sushi..they’re known for being the BEST at almost everything. And now, they’ve decided to be the BEST in chocolates also!!! Ano ba yan mga Japs, pagbigyan niyo naman yung mga Belgians! Chocolates na nga lang yung kaya nilang ipagmalaki (chocolates, waffles and Jean Claude Van Damme) and you decided to steal their thunder?! These NAMA chocolates by Royce are BEAUTIFUL. So beautiful the first time I tasted them I wanted to cry. They melt so perfectly in your mouth, they’re not too sweet and overpowering..just beautiful..like a newborn baby!
BEST “KEEPING WITH THE BUDGET”: Ricoa Flat Tops and ChocNut
Mura talaga, as in mapapmura ka sa sarap! Hahaha! I kid! But seriously, these two chocolate brands are proudly local and so delicious! I could finish a whole pack in one sitting..and trust me, I can’t sit still in one position very long so I always wipe out a whole bag in a couple of minutes. I eat chocolates so fast, I always have to remind myself to breathe.

BEST “NABIBILI SA DUTY FREE”: Guylian Seashells 

These chocolate seashells are always the best pasalubongs from balikbayans. Famous for gracing the aisles of the Duty Free chocolates section, these chocolate sea creatures are actually quite delicious!!! I love the Praline edition best. 
Do you want some chocolate in your waffle? How about on your pancake? Chocolate crepe, anyone? Nutella dito, Nutella doon. Nutella here, Nutella there. It’s the most spreadable chocolate-hazelnut joy you’ll ever find in the market. If you want a chocolate covered Macbook Air or a chocolate covered Iphone 4s..simple, just Nutella it!!!

The best PMS cure in the history of DaPatty. This has been proven to be the best de-crankinizer. The Swiss know Chocolates and they definitely didn’t stay neutral when they developed the Lindt Pistachio. Creamy Milk Chocolate with a Rich Pistachio Cream that bursts in your mouth! Y-U-M-M-Y. 

If you’re a fan of mint and chocolate then this is the perfect chocolate for you! It’s a light mint creme enveloped by a film of Dark Chocolate. It’s the perfect way to end a big meal. Since I’m not a big coffee drinker, I just enjoy the After Eights without any coffee. 

I’d like to start a petition and I will rally for a million signatures! Ibalik niyo yung Alpine White chocolate! I don’t know why they even bothered to phase it out!!! Uggghhhh. I’m also desperately missing the HUGS with white chocolate stripes! 
I still have a long list of Chocolate winners but sadly work has been on hold for a good 30 minutes because of this useless Chocolate post of mine..so it’s back to reality for me!:) That was a good break however, time well spent on my life’s greatest passion: CHOCOLATES! Hahahaha. I’m one shallow person. Confeermed.

33 Responses to DaPatty’s International Chocolate Awards 2011

  1. Patty, you can find Hugs in S&R! That is, if may natira pa from my incessant hoarding! – Lora Fonacier

  2. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and this chocolate post merits a comment! I loOoove ’em chocs,too, and have been praying to the Mayan gods that they bring back Hugs! I also like Dove Chocolate promises. The chocolate and the messages on the foil wrapping are so much better than fortune cookies! Haha! Happy Holidays daPatty! -issa mijares

  3. my daughter loves nutella.. she eats it on every occasion she finds. i tried substituting a cheaper chocolate-peanut spread but i guess the hazelnut is the main ingredient she loves.

    my wife naman loves butterfinger and so does my daughter also.

    me? bawal eh. diabetic, ha haha

  4. Try Pacari (Ecuadorian Chocolates) : Dark Chocolate covered guava and their Lemongrass Chocolate 🙂 Great stuff!

  5. had the cholatieeest laugh whle reading this..I love Galaxy especially the Cookies Cream..

    I have always been Fan.. 😉

    From Qatar wd Lurve!! 🙂

  6. long time reader, but this is my first comment. i would support you (me and a million others) in petitioning alpine white!

  7. super agree with you on the alpine white chocolates!!! i never knew why they had to phase them out… 🙁

  8. just have to chime in with my choco picks! maybe you’ve tried or would like to try them too. 🙂

    my cheap thrill – meiji black! 30 pesos a bar to sustain my dark chocolate fix. my hubby teases me for being a cheap girlfriend back then – wala ang ferrero or guylian or lindt sa’kin… a bar of this is enough to make me fall in love! 🙂

    my current fave – patchi chocolates! i still buy them by the kilo here in dubai as “pasalubong” for our family, but i heard they now have a store in Bonifacio High Street. the chocolates are so rich, the sweetness just right, and there are a lot of varieties (all of which are really good) that you just can’t stop with one. it’s so addicting!

    cheers to being a chocoholic!:)

  9. im your fourth follower from europe (living in pisa italy)! i’m a constant and loyal follower of your blog since 2006. ^_^

  10. Count my boyfriend and I in that list of people calling for the comeback of Alpine White. It is the only white chocolate I can eat. It is so milky and chocolatey at the same time. I cannot comprehend why they have to discontinue producing it!!!

  11. im glad i stumbled to your blog 🙂 it is so entertaining 🙂

    being a chocoholic myself, i have to agree on the M&M pretzels … i doubted it when i first saw it but now I’m hooked 🙂

    maybe you can add this to your list of praying for a comeback …

    california bar and whatchamacallit … sigh 🙂

  12. I really enjoyed reading your chocolate blog entry. It was so entertaining. 😀

    And, I would like to join you in your petition. Bring back HUGS!!!!! 🙂

  13. I had HUGS early this year or late last year!! I think from India yun cos my classmate just brought it and said her mom brought it as pasalubong! 🙂

  14. I just went down to our fridge to grab a Mars bar because of your blog post (whatever to my early New Year’s resolution to diet!). They have HUGS rin in Malaysia 🙂 They’re my most favorite chocolate ever and my dad buys them for me every time he goes there 🙂 – J. Rodis

  15. Hi Patty! Your Chocolate Awards 2011 tops the NAPBAS 2011, hehe.. Choco lover here too, kaya pati sa Cocoa boutique naghohoard ng chocolates, hehe…

    Nakooo, have you heard of Lala? Pati yun pinapatos ko, haha..

  16. Patty,

    If I could petition one chocolate, it would have to be barnone! the brown wrapper ha not the second version with the caramel (yellow wrapper). And also M&Ms Pretzels and Hugs are available in Cash and Carry! Try their mezzanine floor! Super nakakabaliw! 🙂

    Thanks for the laugh!