Dashing Diva

Now that I’m officially FREE from my doctor-mandated house arrest (no more takas-takas!hahaha!), I’ve been trying to get back to my normal grind as a functioning citizen of the Philippines. Though I’m still trying to limit my activities, I’m slowly building my stamina and I feel like I’m getting stronger each day! Woohooo!!! The very first thing I put on my TO DO LIST was….a trip to the nail spa!!!! Like a true kikay girl, hehehe 🙂 My toes were screaming for a decent pedicure for weeks! But that had to be toppled over by a trip to the bank to pay bills and a few work meetings—-but still, it was my top priority for the week and I’m glad my friends Cecil, Marge, and Tintin were game to accompany me to have a pamper me afternoon at Dashing Diva High Street.

Dashing Diva takes pride in the following qualities that sets them apart from your run of the mill Nail Salon.
  • sterilization of all metal implements that come in contact with the clients 
  • branded nail lacquers and treatments that make manicures and pedicures last
  • high-quality signature lotions, scrubs, and special treatments that actually work
  • the divine massages that come with every service
Aside from the usual mani-pedi, they offer different services and products to give you good looking and strong nails! They also have nail extensions, paraffin treatments, and waxing services. 

I love the signature Dashing Diva lounge set up that allows you to sit next to your friends–it’s the perfect place to catch up on each other’s juicy chismis! Hehehe 🙂 The place is immaculately clean and well-lit, making it an ideal pamper place. 

Rewiiiinnnnndddd. A million years ago (back in my fresh from school nene days) I actually modeled for one of Dashing Diva’s ads. hehehe!:) Check out my baby fingers! Hehehe!

Thank you so much to Beauty Bar and Dashing Diva for taking care of me and my girlfriends! It was a much needed day of relaxation and pampering 🙂 

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  1. hi patty! i really love how you dress up. hope you could post an ‘outfit of the day’ pic on instagram everyday like rica peralejo. so people like me who adore you can pick up from your style 🙂