Degustacion at The Gallery Vask

Good morning folks! I’ve been receiving a lot of queries via email, mostly from loving boyfriends/husbands asking for tips on how to woo their women. (Hooray for our romantic boys!) Often times, they ask for restaurant suggestions so I’ve set aside my list of highly recommended eateries in the metro. Last week, the husband and I were invited to the much buzzed about VASK GALLERY and so it appears that I have another restaurant to add to my list! 

Before making dinner plans at VASK GALLERY, here a few things you might want to consider. For those who are familiar with degustation menus then this will all seem like a no-brainer for you. For the first timers, here’s a little 101 for you 🙂

First, you’ll need to set aside a good amount of time for this. Believe me, this is not a dinner you’d like to rush. It’s a “sit-savor-enjoy the moment-put away your cellphone” kind of dinner. If I didn’t have you guys to blog for, I would have just kept my camera/iPhone tucked away in my bag throughout the dinner, but because I love you guys—I took lots of pics of course! Hehehe! But for my next visit, I’ll definitely choose the “revel like this is your last meal” route. So for your VASK GALLERY date, please make sure you keep the rest of your evening free and completely dedicated to this dinner with your sweetheart.

Next, understand that 14 courses doesn’t mean it’ll get you stuffed like in an all-you-can-eat buffet.  Your tummy will feel satisfied, yes, but you won’t feel the need to unbutton your pants afterwards. The servings per course are perfectly sized so you can enjoy the flavors without overwhelming your appetite. 

And lastly, erase whatever preconceived notions you might already have about degustations and multiple courses—just let yourself go and enjoy the whole process like a first timer!:) Chef Chele’ has an exciting repertoire (which I believe changes from time to time) that will certainly wow you. 

“Hailing from Santander, Spanish-born Executive Chef J. Luis Gonzalez recognized his affinity for cooking at an early age. Chef Chele, as he is fondly called, finished his degree at Artxanda, Bilbao. His culinary acumen and attention to detail earned him a referral at the restaurant of Juan Mari Arzak, acknowledged as the Father of Modern Spanish Cuisine. He went on to work in the world’s most respected restaurants, such as El Bulli, El Celler de Can Roca, Mugaritz, and Nerua-Guggenheim. 

Coming to Manila with his extensive background on cooking, Chef Chele has developed a distinctive awareness of how to combine modern techniques with an Asian perspective. This is educated by his passion for learning new ingredients, discovering new flavours, and finding different ways to understand food. He is able to balance the traditional and the modern to highlight a culinary experience that is both fun and adventurous. 

Using the knowledge obtained from working in some of the best restaurants in the world and his numerous Asian culinary trips, Chef Chele creates his own personal world; a world that delivers an exceptional culinary experience at Gallery Vask. 

This exclusive fine dining area is hailed globally for Chef Luis Gonzalez’s creative conceptual cuisine. The dishes that are presented in Gallery VASK allow diners to create their own perfect gastronomic world. The very personal experience of this special room is revealed through a blend of Western cuisine with Asian influences. It is reserved for a maximum of 20 people at one time.”
Text above provided by Vask Gallery

So here’s the thing, folks.. Initially, I was planning to describe each dish that was served (like I always do for most of my food blogs/reviews) but the degustacion by the VASK GALLERY is an entirely different foodie journey that one has to experience first hand. So as not to rob you from the whole Chef Chele’ immersion, I will just indulge you with photos for now. I don’t want to be like that annoying friend who gives you movie spoilers, hahaha! So I hope this convinces you to actually book a table.

Each course comes with a generous description. You get a clear overview of the ingredients (both local and foreign), the cooking techniques used, the textures/flavors/aromas to look for, and everything else in between. Hearing the backstory of each dish before it touches your tastebuds gets your palate even more excited! I love that they described each dish with words that were both thorough and creative without losing you with some heavy culinary jargon. If there was something that baffled us, Chef Luis and the rest of the Vask staff were quick to answer in a very accommodating manner. Also, I must give extra snaps to Besay Gonzalez and Joy Sorongon for making our first VASK experience truly memorable!:) 
Again, my deepest thanks to the VASK GALLERY team for hosting me and Patrick for this exciting Degustacion with Chef J. Luis Gonzalez!


5th Floor, Clipp Center, 11th Avenue Corner, 39th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

For reservations at Gallery VASK, contact 0917-546-1673 or

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