Dekada: Historic Filipino Cuisine

P1480856For my in laws anniversary, we celebrated their historic union with some historic Filipino food in DEKADA. O diba, with theme pa! Hehehe! 🙂 I’ve been a fan of Chef Nino Laus since my college years (let’s not mention the years, mabubuking ang edad!). It’s so nice to witness his evolution as a Chef and see how much he’s grown in the kitchen. He’s always been very bold and brave with his dishes, never one to serve “safe and easy” meals which is why he is the perfect fit for DEKADA. Inspired by the lives of our national heroes, DEKADA serves dishes that are proudly Pinoy with secret stories to tell.

Conveniently located within the mall, DEKADA is now quickly becoming a crowd favorite. DEKADA is on the 2nd floor of Glorietta, right where Landmark connects to the mall–so it’s pretty easy to spot. I would advise to get reservations on a weekend as it does get packed especially on Saturdays and Sundays.


Chef Nino prepared a HUGE feast for the Foodie Filarts which left each of us 10 pounds heavier. I LOVED all the dishes with a  passsssioooooon. LAHAT MASARAP. But if I could narrow it to my Top 5—wait, let’s make it Top 7 at least, it’s too hard to limit to just 5–here’s my list of must orders from Dekada:

Tinapang Tahong Rebosado

My friend, please trust me on this. I’m not one big Tahong fan, I’ve always felt MEH towards this shellfish but this changed my mind completely. It tastes like tempura meets fish ball meets tahong–not exactly a good description but it really hits the spot and will start you on a  high note.

Lumpiang Palabok

The whole family voted for this one. Even the kids will love it 🙂 Palabok in a lumpia roll, a twist to the usual pansit. It was beautifully presented too!

Tinapang Mahi-Mahi

WINNER!!! I didn’t expect this at all. This has a tie with the Tinapang Thong Rebosado in my book. If you’re eating just for two, I say order the rebosado and this and a LOT of rice!

Inihaw na Bacon Liempo

BACON and LIEMPO in one title, seriously? Do I need to explain further. It tastes as good as it sounds. Sinful, calorific and deadly! Ditch your diet for this glorious dish.

Aligue at Alimasag Fried Rice

The happy kind of carbs! A memorable rice dish that certainly complimented all the viands on the list. Remember that this comes in a hefty portion, so make sure you order this to share (or take home the rest!).

Taho and Kesong Puti Cheesecake

This perfectly showcased Chef Nino’s creativuty. Mixing two comfort foods and making it into a dessert was definitely a bold move!

Milo Godzilla

So I’m not sure if this should be a drink or a dessert, or maybe both. What I’m sure of though is that it’s delicious! Kids will love this weekend treat (just get ready for the sugar rush after!).  P1490029

So you know the drill, time for the photos to tell the story 🙂 Thanks again DEKADA for stuffing us silly last weekend. YUM!P1480857 P1480902P1480921P1480869 P1480909 P1480886P1480913   P1490011P1480926 P1490032 P1480945 P1480939P1490023P1480949 P1480891P1480953 P1480967P1480876P1480956P1480937 P1480962 P1480978 P1480996 P1490004 P1490008 P1490015 P1490017 P1490059  P1490037  P1490056 P1490049P1490057

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  1. Hi 🙂 you may want to try also the newly opened dessert shop called Addie’s Pasteleria located in Aguirre Street Bf homes near Rue Bourbon. I think you’ll love the pastries includinh the ensaymada and cheese roll. You may check their instagram Ms Patty. Thanks!

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