Derma Recommended Makeup


derma-1Ever since I turned 30, I’ve been “skinvesting” more wisely and thoroughly. I am more particular about the products I use on my face and I’m not one to just “try” for the sake of trying. I’m no longer the type na nakikiuso because I feel I need to really be more intentional when it comes to skincare. I’ve been happily using Shiseido’s White Lucent Line for my cleansing and toning and their powerful immunity booster, Ultimune for 6 months now and I love how hiyang it has been on my skin. I’ve also added a few more products on my roster, all of which are dermatologist-approved and highly recommended by skin experts. All of these items can be purchased from leading dermatological clinics in the country, you may send an inquiry to so they can direct you to an accredited dermatologist near you. It’s best if you go for a proper consultation before slathering new products on your face. You want to make sure you put the right products that suits your skin type perfectly.


I’ve been using Infracyte’s Vita-C Anti-oxidant Serum for several months now since my dermatologist recommended it to me. I take a few drops and apply it on my face at night before sleeping. Vitamin C serums can boost collagen production, making your skin younger looking. Their Luscious Lips line is a great limp pumping gloss that gives you full lips in an instant. The effect is temporary of course and only lasts for a bit after each application. So you’ll just have to re-apply each time to get beautiful kissable lips! It doesn’t have a stinging effect, in fact it feels like peppermint on your lips!

mesoestic-3I have very fine lashes and brows, so this RevitaLash and RevitaBrow is made for girls like me who crave for fuller and healthier lashes and brows. The Collagen 360 Line is perfect for women who need an anti-aging boost, I gave these products to my mom and she loves them! You don’t have to wait to be in your 50s though, you can already start an anti-aging collagen regimen as early as now. The Mesoestetic Sun Protection Compact Foundation is a God-send! I have this in my kikay kit all the time. It makes SPF application much more manageable and retouching during the day is much easier (no need to squeeze SPF from a bottle and mess up your make up!).

derma-25Cat Juan-Ledesma swears by this line and because I am a big fan of Cat, I quickly followed suit! Hehehe! This provides sheer coverage and doesn’t feel cake-y at all. It blends seamlessly into your skin and allows it to breathe during the day. Since it’s made if Minerals, you know that it’s free of all the artificial gunk that causes pimples and other skin ailments. I recommend this for moms who are preggy or nursing, it’s free from harsh chemicals and can give you that fresh finish for everyday use.




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  1. Hello, Patty! Where could I possibly purchased the products that you mentioned above? I have tons of skin issues to settle before the sign of aging strikes.LOL
    Thank you.

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