Design Friday: Soft for Lofts

Many of you may not know this but I’m a frustrated interior designer. I’m a frustrated many things..or maybe I’m just frustrated in general, Hahaha. Let’s discuss that next time. But I love visiting home and appliance stores, sifting through interior design magazines and coffee table books, watching decorating shows on television. I love putting pretty things together, working with themes and color schemes, and transforming an empty space into a home filled with warmth. When I was in high school, when all my friends would go shopping..I’d secretly breakaway from the group to visit the HOME section of the department store. I’d check out different sofas, kitchenware, coffee makers, and linens. Yes, I was a 45 year old high school senior. If you gave me a Louis Vuitton bag, I’d be SOOOO happy..but!!!! if you gave me a gray sectional sofa, I’d hug you, your yaya, and even your dog! Hahahaha!:)

Being a house-dweller all my life, I’ve been longing to live in a LOFT for years. There’s just something about lofts that draws me: the high ceilings, the multi-level dimensions, the many lighting possibilities, its functionality and compactness. When Patrick and I started dating, just after a few dates and still in the getting to know you phase, we discovered that we both had a “Secret Loft Dream”. We had just met but we were already plotting out the floor plans and interior design elements of our “dream loft” together as if we were married. Crazy, huh?:) Hehehehe! We’re not the love letter kind of couple, our form of “lambing” to each other is sending links via email. Nothing mushy and cheesy just “Check out the white brick walls. Click here.” OR “Ganda ng wallpaper!” We enjoy sending each other pictures of interesting homes and apartments. It’s our lunch break destress-ant to just go “Loft Hunting” online. Although it’s a LONG shot that we’ll ever have the moolah to actually build something awesome someday, it’s still a happy dream we like to share. Libre naman mangarap diba. To be honest, you can put me anywhere and I’d still be grateful. Just to have a roof over my head is a blessing from God already. But I believe He also grants the desires of our hearts and knows us so well, so I’m confident that we’ll get our dream loft someday, somehow. It doesn’t have to be fabulous, as long as it’s small, cozy and charming! Panalangin at Kayod Kabayo lang yan!!!:) Here are a few of my favorite LOFT images from The Fancy.


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  1. OH MY PATTY!!! Same tayo ng frustration!!! HAHA frustrated interior designer din ako!! I know you may already know this links but I still want to share it with you 🙂

    Nakalimutan ko lang yung isang site na talagang they feature the hippest, trendiest and fantabolous house designs, you’ll drool sa ganda! Haha 🙂

    Oh well, happy “loft and house design” hunting! :))