Designer Spotlight: Sofie.B

For today’s post, the spotlight is on young fashion designer SOFIA BORROMEO. Her line sofie.b has been gaining a lot of buzz in the local scene and although she’s not what you would call “mainstream”, more and more fashion aficionados are quickly becoming fans of this Ready-To-Wear line. Sofie herself looks like a model, with her svelte frame and sweet face. But this girl means business and is incredibly hands on with her fashion line.

Even at a young age, Sofie was always drawn towards the arts and it felt almost natural for her to pursue a career in art, fashion and design. That’s why she really committed herself to years of proper training and education to help inch her way closer to  her dreams. She shares, “My aesthetic, and concept development was enhanced completely when I was doing my BFA in Fashion Design at SCAD (The Savannah College of Art and Design) in Savannah, Georgia. That is where I learned the technical skills from making my own patterns, sewing, draping and sketching. The branding, merchandising and business aspect came together when I decided to pursue a Masters degree in Luxury Fashion Brand Management also at SCAD but in their Hong Kong campus. That was the best decision I had ever made because it helped me hone all my technical skills further and combine it in totality with the other aspects of the industry. My thesis plan is the foundation of my current fashion label, sofie.b. It is my bible in fashion!”

From a “thesis” to an actual functioning and thriving label, she has a very forward approach that motivates her to work even harder.  “Our mission at sofie.b is to promote the local artisans and their craft by utilizing their skill for contemporary looks all for global appreciation. Each collection highlights different techniques whether its basket weavers, weaving apparel fabrication to embroidery, to laser cutting. There is so much culture in our craft that needs to preserved. I truly believe that the only way to push Philippine fashion is to think global. The purchasing power is there, and the global appreciation elevates our craft to a whole other level of high value- it pushes the boundaries, it raises the bar. In the end it gives the world a reason to come to the Philippines to open up business. “

The Modern Pina Collection is the Pre-Fall line of Sofie. B and features a play on khaki and blacks to match the season. You’ll find an abstract PINA etched on most of the pieces in this collection—this is actually a product of her collaboration with her cousin. “Sandro, is my first cousin who is extremely talented in the arts. I asked him to sketch out for me different versions of a pineapple in what he perceives to be abstract in form. From there, one of the factories we work with, laser cut his sketch onto our fabric. Adding Sandro to the picture, personalized it so much! “
What makes this RTW line so well-appreciated is because her silhouettes are very versatile and non-intimidating. “We are a very minimalist and tailored brand, so all our silhouettes are inspired a lot by architecture- Japanese architecture to be more specific. These structured silhouettes create such interesting shapes that are versatile for all body types. Our goal is to find the right cut with an interesting twist that is versatile enough for all body types. Our sizing is US standard but our cut is French- it adds a more tailored feel to each piece.” 
So this is the part where I quit blabbing and just show you the collection 🙂 I see a lot of investment pieces in this particular collection—pieces that you can mix and match with existing clothes and accessories you have in your wardrobe. And these clothes can easily transition from day to night with just the right jewelry, bags and shoes! Congrats again Sofie.B!!!

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To make an appointment to view and purchase RTW or for custom orders, they may email | they may also contact directly via the official instagram page, @sofie.b_rtw. 

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