Dinner and Drinks at Detalle

As most of you already know, The Filarts, Esquiviases and Catilos meet as couples for our Bible Study session for at least once a week. Sometimes when we’re all too busy, it becomes once every 2 weeks—but we really do try our very best to leave room on our respective calendars to meet up. And since we all love to eat (A LOT! Ang hirap maging pa-healthy-healthy talaga pag kasama ko ang mga ‘to!), we have our sessions over dinner so it doubles as a Bible Study-slash-food trip. For this session, we trekked to Julia Vargas in Ortigas to visit the newly opened resto Detalle. If you haven’t heard of Detalle, well, apparently it’s because ONLY COOL PEOPLE in the North know about it! And for a time, we were in the dark—and part of the uncool people *shudder shudder*. But now, yes, now…you are looking at a very COOL Patty. So cool in fact, that my collar just decided to stiffen up and stand on its own. It just popped itself up to coolness. How?!? I can’t explain it. Only cool people would be able to relate. Shucks.

HAHAHAHA! Okay, I’m kidding of course. This place is definitely far from pretentious. Nothing frilly or high brow here. Only good quality food, made with wholesome ingredients and creatively plated too. 
Since they are just resto newbies, they don’t have a whole repertoire of dishes on their menu at the moment (though I have a feeling a menu expansion is in the works). But truthfully, I really don’t mind having a limited menu—in fact, restaurants that stick to just a few items but are guaranteed superstars are far more impressive than those that feature a deep bench filled with so-so dishes.  And in the case of Detalle, masayang-masaya kaming lahat! We loved each and every dish we ordered, absolutely zero disappointments. 
I loved all the food they prepared for us, but the remarkable ones were: 
1) D Burger and House Steak
    These are bold and heavy dishes for REAL MEN who like their meat. 
2) Lamb Meatball Sliders
    I’m not particularly a fan of lamb but I really enjoyed these tasty sliders!!! And the garbanzos were so delicious too 🙂
3) Housemade Ricotta
      The ricotta cheese fan in me adored this starter. Extra 10 points because it’s made in their kitchen from scratch and another 20 points for the crispy prosciutto!
4) Seared Halibut
     THIS WAS HANDS DOWN THE BEST DISH FOR ME!!! The Halibut was so good–it melted in my mouth! Lightly seasoned and served with veggies. This dish is not only healthy, it’s incredibly satisfying too.
5) Pan Roasted Chicken
       I was only able to “steal” a few bites from Stella, but maaaaaan, this was soooo yummy! I am definitely ordering this again 🙂
Happy Tummies=Happy Faces!!!
And yes you guessed it right, the Catilos are responsible for the crisp and clean photographs in this blog post. Sobrang halata naman diba?! I mean compare this post to the entries before and my other photos will pale in comparison. So thank you Sheila and Jorem for adding some oooomph to my blog!:)The interiors scream “industrial, androgynous and minimalist”, which makes it a perfect blank canvas for any occasion. After dinner, make sure you make your way to the 2nd floor deck to enjoy some cocktails or dessert (their chocolate truffle balls are so addicting!) and the Ortigas skyline—this was the “surprise, surprise” part for our barkada 🙂
Our “Tuesdays With Stella” group..but yeah, we don’t necessarily meet on Tuesdays. hehehe!
With the cool and hip owners of Detalle
 (“cool and hip” is such a Tita from the 90s thing to say, ey?!?!
 Pagbigyan niyo na ako!!! Hahaha!)
I can’t wait to visit Detalle again! My friends and I had such a great time 🙂 
Thanks again so much to the wonderful team behind Detalle for inviting us!
For more details, visit DETALLE’s FB Page here

3 Responses to Dinner and Drinks at Detalle

  1. This really looks like a cool place with delish food! Perfect place for friend and family to hang. Also, Patty, you just gave me a fashion idea! Ha ha! I had a similar striped shirt as yours and I have a scarf from India, which I’m dying to wear. I will be channeling you in a few days! 🙂

  2. Sheila and Jorem are taking my wedding photos next month! What a small world 🙂 I will definitely be checking out Detalle – finally somewhere good to drink in Ortigas! Cheers Belinda

  3. I’ve eaten at Detalle twice and their food is delicious. That one owner is really fit and can do these insane high jumps, grabi I swear he is like a frog.