Dinner with a Top Chef

This was the tweet that got my friend Nicole all riled up. Nicole texted ” Duuuuuude…12 course dinner tonight!! Ed is cooking for the Top Chef winner! Let’s go pleaaaase!!!” Yep, this die hard Top Chef fan slash hungry, pregnant lady and I traveled all the way from the South to QC just to have dinner with Paul Qui..well, technically he was seated a table away from us, but, but, it still counts as having a meal together with a celebrity..riiiiight??? 🙂 We braved the rush hour traffic, heavy rains, and crazy swerving truck drivers just for this special 12 course dinner prepared by Chef Edward Bugia of PINO Resto Bar. Not to belittle the celeb status of Chef Paul Qui  (who was very warm and friendly by the way!), we were actually more starstruck by the food Chef Ed prepared!!! Please blog hop to Alessa’s post for more details about the special menu 🙂

Congrats Team PINO, definitely a successful event! 
Awesome job, Chef Ed! Bravooooowwww, buddy 🙂

3 Responses to Dinner with a Top Chef

  1. Wow! Kare-kareng bagnet looks so delicious!! *drool

    Hello Ms. Patty! 🙂 I can’t help but comment. I have been stalking your blog everyday here in the office before I start and end my shift. Hahaha! 😀

    You look soooo cute! Hindi nakakasawa ang beauty mo. Maybe it’s the beauty that comes within not only from the outside. Patrick Filart is a one super LUCKY guy!! 🙂

    love lots,


  2. hi Patty, i envy you!!! i super love Chef Paul Qui, glad he won Top Chef! And I always eat at PINO. oh well… congrats to the Pino Team!