Discovery Shores Boracay

Traveling with a 6 month old to Boracay was WAAAAY easier in my head. Clearly, I forgot how active and precocious my son was when I chose to book a flight to Boracay a few months ago. The pictures look pretty decent but behind the scenes it was a whole weekend of dancing, singing, sterilizing, washing, diaper changing and The Pats with jello arms and aching backs, all thanks to our happy jumbo baby! The phrase of the weekend was “Hayyyy, buti nalang nasa Discovery Shores tayo!!!!”  We had the happiest baby in the most wonderful resort in the most beautiful island, how could we even choose to dwell on all those little inconveniences. All that mattered to us was that Theo was SOOOO HAPPY (in all caps pa!!!) in Discovery Shores–he was squealing, squawking, howling, shrieking in delight THE WHOLE FRIGGIN’ WEEKEND!!! Hahahaha! I’ve never seen him so “ON”! It’s like his heart was just bursting with joy to be in Boracay! hahaha! I’m sure all the parents can relate—when you see your kid/s exploding with happiness, you forget everything else–and the only thing you keep in your memory bank are the giggles and smiles on your loved ones’ faces 🙂

We stayed in the resort the entire time, we didn’t even bother to leave because we were just so happy in our little bubble of paradise. There really was no reason for us to head out–The food was fantastic with lots of choices, the resort had the cleanest and most pristine beachfront in all of Boracay, the resort had all the amenities to keep you occupied (spa, pool, gym, bar, etc), and of course the SUITES were just so luxurious and heavenly. And as a mom, I loved that the resort was very safe and secure. This is definitely a plus for me these days, to see kids roaming around freely and parents not stressing about it automatically earns 5 stars in my book. It’s no secret that Discovery Shores Boracay is still the best resort for honeymooners—but as a mama, I can boldly proclaim that they are THE BEST for families too!!! And, and, andddddd—this is sure to get you all excited–they have a babysitting service in the resort! <insert ALLELUIA here> We were able to enjoy a nice dinner at Indigo Restaurant with my folks because we had Miss Jade, the resident babysitter, watching over our sleeping bubba. It’s hard to beat their service, they just are at a different level when it comes to treating their guests with care. Everyone from the managers to the housekeeping staff, the guards to the waiters—each person in the staff&crew of DSB were very courteous, professional, warm and attentive. Some even played with Theo and the other kids in the resort which was really cute 🙂

I’ll bombard you guys with another photo heavy post! As you can see when I REALLY REALLY like a place, I sort of go overboard with the photos–so I’m asking for you to bear with me. We just really had such a wonderful time, I just want to share it all with you and encourage you to book a weekend at Discovery too! It’s really worth it especially for young families 🙂 They actually have some solid deals coming up at the PTAA expo in SMX this weekend. Thanks again to the Discovery Team: Jane, Frances, Erwin, Jodie and the rest of the guys at DSB–you guys are rockstars!!! We will always remember your efforts and be always grateful! And to my parents, thanks for helping us care for Theo! I’m sure he really enjoyed your bonding sessions with him–especially the pasyal-pasyal sa umaga 🙂 And to my most amazing travel partner and parenting team-mate, WE did it!!! We’re slowly getting better at this whole traveling with a baby gig! Visit and to book now 🙂

And special thanks to Sunglass Haven (IG @sunglasshavenPH) for the Raybans and Oakleys we wore to the beach—It made us ten times cooler than usual! HAHAHA! We snagged our pairs from Alabang Town Center branch 🙂

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  1. Sharp and warm photos… great compositions too. What travel camera do you recommend which is also fast? I also have a one year old son and it becomes challenging to take photos when they are so active. You can check him out in instagram #OurJuancho 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the pictures and information! Sure give us a lot of ideas where to take our family for a nice get away that undoubtedly would be worth our time and hard earned moolah! You’re really great at what you do (promoting traveling) so please keep it up!

  3. You are so right!Discovery shores is the best!!! Can’t wait to go back. Your pictures are amazing! It makes me want to go back soon!!!

  4. Time flies sooo fast.. Theo’s getting bigger everyday.. I have witnessed your journey since Pat’s proposal.. And it’s so great to see how everything’s going into place 🙂 Hoping and praying for our little bundle of joy too.. We’re in a process and hope God will lead to our baby’s way 🙂 Sorry for my short sharing hehe.. You have inspired me a lot 🙂

  5. It’s because of this entry and your DSB photos on IG that I booked in the same resort for our Bora trip this May, Ms Patty! I’m so excited to bring my baby boy there for the first time (he’s about the same age as your Theo and Ms Kelly’s Tristan..we were all pregnant at the same time last year and I gave birth a week ahead only because mine was scheduled CS)!:) Continue to be a blessing and stay pretty! You always look fresh, grabe! God bless you more!

    – Dang Bernardez (@quad_d_family on IG)

  6. Gorgeous pictures and Theo is such a cutie! I just booked a trip to Cebu / Movenpick with my hubby and the little one because of your babybarangay post. My baby will be 9 months then but I’m still 50-50 if we can really manage an out of town trip with him! haha! Can you share some tips on traveling with a baby? God bless you and your beautiful family!

    • Have fun! Movenpick is so family friendly 🙂 I;m still a newbie myself, still figuring it out too. Just make sure you schedule the flights based on his nap times so he’ll be sleepy on the plane! Hehehe!You can do it! Team work!

  7. Hi Patty!

    Wow your mom looks too young and very pretty indeed! she’s just like your sister! I adore your dad for taking care of her so much! Great family indeed! Theo’s adorable!

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