Domesticating the Kitchen Phobic Girl

One of the biggest turn-offs about me (well one of the many) is that I do not know how to cook. This is probably the first thing every mother asks her son “So, this new girl…can she COOK???Hmmm…” Luckily, my mother-in-law-to-be is the forgiving kind and knows that whatever I lack in cooking, I somehow make up with my dance moves! I can’t cook giniling but I can make giling-giling! Ohhh yeahhh 🙂 For most girls, cooking seems so effortless..almost like brushing your teeth or combing your hair. But for the oven-mantika-kutsilyo phobic like me, the kitchen is not exactly my favorite spot. I’m more of a dining room kinda girl, because EATING is my forte’ and is what I’ve mastered through the years (looks at tummy and nods with validation). Cooking may be the simplest thing for most people, but for me it’s just a huge struggle. It’s similar to swimming. I learned how to swim early on. My terror swim coach just threw me into the 12 ft pool and I just swam to survive! And mind you, I was a preschooler! But many of my friends who are already in their 20s and 30s still struggle with the water despite numerous attempts. It’s not as if you didn’t try your best, it’s not as if you’re being prissy or over-acting, it’s just easy for some and difficult for others. This is something I can totally relate to, cooking is my swimming. 
Ever since I got engaged, there’s been this personal pressure to learn how to cook. Not that Patrick has been forcing me or anything like that, it’s just something I’d like to do for myself and also something I’d like to do for him. I could almost imagine a bonding session of Patrick with his guy friends— Dude 1:”My wife is the green eyed monster! She’s always jealous and suspicious!” Dude 2:”Man, that’s nothing! The wife is such a nagger and keeps yappin’ all day! She’s driving me nuts!” Patrick:” Guys…my wife feeds me SKYFLAKES for breakfast, lunch, dinner. And pili peanuts for merienda!” Then a collective “AWWWW..Hang in there buddy!” by all the other guys. Ay, kaluoy pud akong bana. (That’s “My Poor Husband” in Bisaya)
So as soon as Enderun College sent me an invitation to try their beginners culinary workshop, I saw it as divine intervention! Yes, God himself intervened!!! So Patrick and I signed up for the 5 session class and we had our introduction to cooking last Saturday. Chef Martin Punzalan taught us how to chop, dice, peel and julienne our veggies just like the pros! He was very patient and thorough and welcomed all our pesky questions 🙂 We were on our feet all morning, working in our own kitchen stations, with the best culinary tools and was like being a contestant in Master Chef! 

Here are a few lessons I picked up from our 1st session: 
1.) I learned to appreciate those minuscule carrot cubes inside your siomai! Man, it was SOOO HARD slicing those carrots into perfect, tiny, little cubes!
2.) It looks so easy on TV but it’s actually a legit hand/arm workout in real life. Can you imagine these chefs have to peel, dice, and splice kilos and kilos of fruits and vegetables all day everyday!?! Wooow. I salute you guys!
3.) Just because you’re good at Fruit Ninja doesn’t mean you’ll have good knife skills in the kitchen.
4.) Knives are our friends. Not all knives are out to cut your fingers. Sure, they’ve been used for murder…but those are the bad knives! Let’s not generalize. There are good knives too, you know, you just have to open your heart to discovering the good in them.

So there you have first Kitchen Fear ticked off my list! I came in at a 10 in the fear-o-meter and left with a 5. I’m still a bit wobbly and nervous about handling knives, but I am more confident in handling them now thanks to Chef Martin’s practical tips. I have a few sessions left so I’m definitely looking forward to facing more kitchen fears and discovering a new love for the kitchen. Wish me luck guys!!!:)

Check out their Lifestyle Short Courses at 
1100 Campus Avenue, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City 1634 Philippines 
Telephone (632) 856 5000 local 505 

9 Responses to Domesticating the Kitchen Phobic Girl

  1. hooray for you!! I LOVE COOKING!! =) its actually my stress buster! Hope after your 5 sessions, you’d actually learn to love cooking! =)

  2. Good Luck! I’m the same way as you. Got married with no kitchen know-how. You should’ve seen the sheer number of cookbooks I was given during my bachelorette party, wedding and even Christmas. But I’m learning, I’m not a pro yet but getting over the fear of being in a kitchen is definitely the first step. Oh and a splash guard (hate na hate ko kasi yung tumatalsik na mantika when frying!)

  3. Again natawa nanaman ako sa “I can’t cook giniling, but I can make giling-giling”. Love the humor! And of course, the guy talk! 🙂

    Your daily posts are my morning coffee patty. Keep us posted. 🙂

  4. hi patty, i’m an avid fan of your blog, you never fail to put a smile on my face everytime i read your blog. i can imagine how you say that “i can make giling giling” phrase. anyway, i wish you well patty, i know that you’ll overcome this in a jiffy 🙂 my advice is try watch cooking shows that caters on home cooking there’s rachel ray, inna of barefoot contessa or nigella lawson (the food porn godess) and if all else fails try to go to youtube 🙂 i always tell to my friends who are newbies in cooking that anyone can cook as long as you have the desire to learn maala ratatouille the movie. so you can do this patty, you’re a foodie by heart so mas higher level ang taste buds mo!!!! God bless!

  5. “I can’t cook giniling but I can make giling-giling” this makes me smile!hope to see around in “the Ateneo”!

  6. “whatever I lack in cooking, I somehow make up with my dance moves! I can’t cook giniling but I can make giling-giling! Ohhh yeahhh :)”

    winner ang mga punch line mo ms.patty, bentang benta sakin palagi! 🙂 Goodluck on your cooking lesson.