Early Bird Breakfast Club

I love breakfast!!! I think I’ve expressed my love for the first meal of the day at least 30 times in this blog alone. I love breakfast so much, I hosted a morning show called BREAKFAST for 4 years! It was supposed to be a night show called DINNER but sabi ko HINDI PWEDE!!! So they changed it! O diba, DIVA!?? Just kidding! Hahaha!:) So when I got an invitation from Ellen of the Early Bird BREAKFAST Club, I was typing like a tornado just to say YES YES YES!:) I browsed their FB page to see their menu and interiors and I was sold–pictures palang yun!!! AND it came at the most perfect time because I was racking my brains thinking of a new restaurant where we could celebrate Sheila’s 13th birthday! (If I told you she was 31 you wouldn’t believe it anyway) So we set the date and met up in the Fort Strip for a girly brunch date.
This has got to be one of the most photogenic restos in Manila. I couldn’t help myself, I was snapping pics like a fool as soon as I stepped in. And boy do I love those enormous windows bringing in God’s natural lighting right into the resto. Thank you Lord for your SWEET SUNSHINE! They have this huge blue mural on one wall which I can imagine will soon be everyone’s “FB profile pic background”. I dare you to enter this resto without taking a photo of that wall—double dare!!!! Hahaha πŸ™‚ Here’s our token BFF photo by the wall. From grade 3 and now zooming into our 30s!!! Here’s to looking forever young, hehe. I love you Sheila!!:)
Now onto the FOOD!!! The food tastes as good as the restaurant looks. I’m a bit of a food bully when I try new restos with my friends. I’m that friend who wants to eat everything in the menu so I sort of manipulate my friends to order it for me. “Uyyyy, parang masarap tong French Toast fondue…bagay sya sa yo! I have a feeling you’ll really like it” with my sweet “You know I know you” face and BOOM! Just like that, they fall for my trap! So I get to order things I like and get to steal from their meals too! Hahaha! If you find that annoying, then I’m sorry! Buti nalang di tayo friends! CHE!!! I’m sorry—I take that back–please be my friend! Here’s  a friendship bracelet! Hehehe! 
The pancakes were divine (fluffy like a fluff-a-luffagus), the adobo flakes reminded me of my grandma’s cooking (comfort food), their french toast fondue was perfect for “papak-ing” while waiting for your main dish (oops..that sounded better in my head!), even their drinks were so delicious!!! I love that the menu provides down-to-earth choices and none of the pretentious “what is this?!” gibberish that can sometimes intimidate you when eating out. They promise comfort food and comfort food is what you’ll get. 
For a newly opened resto, I was surprised to see that they already had a lot of fans. The place was packed to the brim when we visited and it was a weekday! The chefs and owners even made the effort to say hello to us while we were eating. That personal touch definitely made me and my friends feel right at home.
On a side note, I get invited to try out different restaurants, resorts, stores, etc. but I’ve always made sure that I only post entries about the ones I ACTUALLY LIKED on this blog. Not that I’m a snob with high expectations (ako pa?!?!), I guess at the end of the day it’s important to be honest with my readers about my experiences (especially since most of my blog readers are close friends and family members! Yari ako sa kanila if I give them bad recommendations! hehe!). It could be the swankiest place or a hole in the wall–as long as it has character, good taste, and quality products, that to me would be worth sharing. And this restaurant fits the profile of “worth sharing with your friends”. My girls and I loved this place so much, we were already planning our next visit. 
To my girlfriends Lea, Marge, Sheila and Stef thanks for always being game to go foodie-ing with me!  Speaking of friends, guess what!!!! The sweet owners, Ellen and Kendrick, just gave me gift certificates to share with my blog readers! Yeheyyy!!! 
I’m giving away gift certificates for a 
Party of FIVE!

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12 Responses to Early Bird Breakfast Club

  1. As visually nice as they look, the foods actually taste good if not better. They are not too cloying as in nakakaumay…they leave you with a good after taste…and a smile on the face. With very nice interiors, high ceiling, murals on the walls, drop lights, it evokes a sense of coziness and a wonderful feeling being in your comfort zone. There are lots of foods to try but their original longganisa can rival those of others. Even the adobo flakes are good too. It will be a sin not to try those desserts…

  2. I love the blue wall!!! And laughed at your line about how it might be on too many FB profile pics soon. Very humble, entertaining review πŸ™‚

  3. Hi patty πŸ™‚ u always make me smile everytime i read your blogs πŸ™‚ i even save all of it then converte it into a pDF file para pag wala akong mgawa i read it over and over again . And ur recommended food places are awesome and so mura but with a class πŸ™‚ i appreciate all ur post . With my istagram post my friend commented that and hilig ko dw mg explore ng restaurants and i told them yan ang recommendation ng fave blogger ko πŸ™‚ even the resort and all .. I dont need to worry where to go ahahaa kc its all in ur blog . Good job pretty patty πŸ™‚

  4. OMG! i love breakfast too. just got married and also a preschool teacher πŸ™‚ i soooo love ur blog. will definitely visit this place soon πŸ™‚ Thanks patty πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Patty! I love you na! Was just searching for a review of Early Bird, and now I can’t stop reading your blog- InstaFan! Definitely bookmarking your site πŸ™‚