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Thanks to YOUR support, we have finally come out with a WHOLE SEASON of Eat, Drink and Be Married!!! I can’t even begin to thank you all enough. You guys pushed for this and because of your love, we made it happen. Hosted along with my girlfriends, Nicole Hernandez-DeLos Angeles and Kelly Misa-Fernandez, I am so happy to reveal the new episodes for the season. We already have 3 showing on so make sure you hop on over to the site and watch it! You can watch it once, twice, thrice and share it with your friends. That’s the beauty of this online channel, it makes it accessible for anyone, anytime and anywhere! 🙂 I really enjoyed working on this project because 1)It’s unscripted, we just shoot on the fly and record it as we go along. That’s why you’ll see that it’s not super perfect—eep!! We wanted it to feel like real and genuine conversations among friends and for you to join in as well. 2) We don’t try or claim to be experts of anything—we just share our own insights and opinions based on personal experiences. We’re clearly learning the ropes as we speak, hehehe! 3) These episodes were shot in different life phases—the opening billboard when Kelly and I were both pregnant and Nicole just postpartum (that’s why i was a bit bloated hahahah) and some episodes were shot when we just gave birth to Tristan and Theo—hence my baby fat jiggles in some episodes! Hahahaha! That’s how it real it gets! No edits there 🙂 🙂 So it’s just really the three of us transitioning and learning together as friends—and learning along with you, our viewers. We hope you can watch all our episodes which premier every Tuesday at 7PM on!

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Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 6.41.02 AMScreen Shot 2016-04-13 at 6.49.07 AMWatch all these episodes on now!

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  1. Hi Patty, I adore Eat Drink and Be Married and my only feedback is, I wish the episodes were longer. Your conversations feel so real and genuine and I just want to jump right in and join.

    As I am also a new mom, newly married and the same age as you, I can relate to all of your topics. Some topics I hope you would talk about are – traveling with your baby (not sure if this is more suitable for “The Parent Files?”, #MarriageFirst ideas, favorite local travel destinations, honeymoon, adjusting to married life, adjusting to parent life, home organization, cooking and favorite recipes, handling finances.

    Looking forward to the next episode!

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