Eat, Drink and Be Married Season2

What started as a simple “Love Project” by friends is now a full scale online show! We will be wrapping up Season 2 in a  few weeks and I can’t help but feel grateful for all the love and support we’ve been receiving from YOU! You guys are the heart and soul of our show. We get our inspiration from our Instagram followers and Blog Readers, you keep us going 🙂 Thanks for embracing us completely—topak and all! Hahaha! As you know our shows are not scripted and pretty much free flowing. We just shoot and roll in one take so these are real conversations between real friends and it means so much to receive such pleasant feedback. Thank you also to our sponsors and partner brands–thanks for believing in the 3 of us! And to our amazing production team from Thirty Six O and Industree TV (Kaki, Julie, Jing, Arlene, Gabo, Joseph, Shem, Cesco, and everyone else…your creativity and drive pushes us to do even better, naksss!). Please catch us on and help us spread the word! See you all next year for more Eat, Drink and Be Married!

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