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Here’s another “Misis ng Tahanan” post which I’m partnering with ABENSON for. It’s quite a departure from the usual posts on fashion and beauty but I feel this is very important for moms out there to consider (housewives, working moms, work at home moms, etc). Our Meralco bill still shocks our friends—shock in a “How do you do it?” kind of way because it has remained relatively low considering that we have now moved into an actual house. Our friends who live in studio apartments have higher electricity bills than us! Hahaha! I think there are two reasons why we’ve managed to keep things relatively affordable 1) My husband is very kuripot and makes sure we don’t leave lights, appliances, electronics on all day. Theo is also laking-electric fan! Hehehehe! Although I think we’ll have to start using our aircon more this summer because the heat has been insane. Thankfully, Abenson recommended Inverter aircons for our whole house so I’m not too worried about bill shock. Sure, it’ll be more expensive than our standard electric fan consumption but it’ll be manageable still. My goal now is to save up for even more budget-friendly and energy efficient appliances and to slowly make wise swaps as we go along. So far our aircons, ref, and washing machine are all proudly economical (as reflected on our electricity bill! hehehe) but there are just so many more items that need to be replaced with more efficient models. Better save for that!!!

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If you’re in the process of saving up for new appliances and want to make a wiser investment—Here are some tips for choosing appliances for a greener home from our friends at ABENSON:

1. Air-conditioners are a permanent fixture in most homes due to the Philippines’ tropical climate.

The same could be said about refrigerators, and come summer time, when these appliances are deemed a necessity, bill shock from a sudden spike in electricity consumption is a very real possibility. Good thing that ref and AC units, and most other appliances, now come with EER or energy efficiency ratings, which give an indication of how efficiently the unit uses energy. The higher the EER, the better are your chances of saving on electricity costs because they are able to achieve maximum impact using fewer resources.

2. Another feature to look out for when choosing an air conditioner is inverter technology. Unlike conventional units, inverter appliances are more energy efficient because they have smarter temperature controls. This means that the compressor adjusts as required, eliminating the need to constantly operate at full blast. Not only does this save on energy, it also means less noise and even less risk of breakdown from overuse—which makes it more cost-efficient in the long run.

3. Whether you have a conventional or inverter unit, air-con maintenance is important in making sure that your AC works perfectly. Regular cleaning and clearing of any possible blockages guarantee optimum operation efficiency. Take advantage of air-con installation and maintenance services offered by appliance stores like Abenson, so you can rest easy knowing that your appliances are being serviced by professionals

4.Maintaining the optimal temperature in your refrigerator also makes sure that your unit operates at its most efficient. To do this, make sure that there is no frost buildup in your fridge, as this makes the compressor work harder.  Defrost on a regular basis or opt for a no-frost model to save on both time and energy costs.

5. A lot of our commonly-used appliances also incorporate more new features to aid in protecting the environment. If you can, pick a front load washing machine as they generally clean better than their top load counterparts, despite using less water. If you need to use a dryer, you may wish to run a spin cycle first and cut your drying time in half. Washing full loads and not using the hot/warm wash modes also help maintain efficiency

6. Energy efficient options are also available for entertainment appliances. TVs now incorporate LED technology, which uses smaller, brighter LED lights instead of conventional fluorescent tubes. Not only does this make TVs slimmer, it also offers greater brightness, sharper colors, and crisper images at a fraction of the usual energy consumption.

Environmentally conscious appliance options become more widely available every day, so making the switch to a more sustainable lifestyle is easier than ever. Consult a trusted Abenson store to get expert support on choosing eco-friendly appliances and services that suit your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Visit or follow us on social media @abensonph for more eco-friendly ideas!

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