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It’s been 2 days since I got my hair MICHAEL KELLY’d and I have been receiving compliments left and right about my summer-kissed balayage hair—both on Instagram, Facebook and most especially in person. And yes, I’ve been receiving those compliments with open arms. Take it in girl, take it all in!!!! hahaha!

For those asking, Michael of the famous Edwards and Co Salons gave me a multi-dimensional BALAYAGE. A Balayage is defined by my friends at Google as a technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. To keep my locks strong, healthy and SOFT—they used Lakme’s iPlex system and integrated it into the color process. Both the Balayage hair color and iplex treatment are both available in Piandre Salons nationwide. My hair feels so refreshed with this new golden highlights! It has a nice “swing” to it and comes alive all the more under the sun. I am beyond grateful to Michael for giving this mama her dream hair!! You just don’t understand how much you’ve blessed me with your talents! 🙂 🙂 And of course to Jaye, the main man, thank you for being so generous in sharing your knowledge with the Pinoys! We learned so much from you! Tear drop.

I’m not a hair styling expert but I am a happy customer, so let me share some tips from the client standpoint. Here are some things that have helped me personally achieve beautiful and happy salon hair through the years! (Believe me, I started out with Frizzy SIMBA hair—I have come a LOOOONG way! I look decent now, thank you Lord!)

  1. Have a good relationship with your hair stylists and colorists. I’ve been under the care of Piandre Salon since I was 19!!! So that means, I’ve been with a happy client for 2 years. Hahahaha. I kid.  That was back in 2003 when Sir Jun colored my hair for the first time for my stint as an MTV VJ— so do the math. I’m ancient. Whether you’re trying different salons or staying faithful to one, it helps to build a good rapport with your stylist before having your hair done. It’s important for your stylist to understand your hair history (past color jobs, treatments, hair texture), your personal style and preferences, even allergies and other medical concerns before doing their magic on you. It’s good to have an open ping-pong conversation before starting just to put you at ease.
  2. Having said that, trust your chosen stylist and give them the creative freedom to do their thangggg! After all, they have thousands of hours of experience under their belt. If you’ve aired all your concerns and requests clearly and feel that they are genuinely meeting you where you are—then you’ll have to let go at some point.  HAIR is such an important issue for most ladies, it is after all your crowning glory. Many have been victimized by BAD HAIR DAYS. I wouldn’t even wish it upon the most annoying girl I know. Hahaha! So I understand where the sensitivity comes from and why women turn into control freaks at the salon. But if you feel confident in your chosen stylist, then make sure you make this person feel that you indeed have faith in her/him. Believe me, your hair color will come out 10x nicer if your hairstylist feels comfortable with you and 10x worse if he/she feels pressured, frazzled, and stressed because of your demands.
  3. Manage your expectations. We all want to look like Blake Lively. We all want to be Natalie Portman. But, my dear, these are pegs that should serve as inspirations and not kodigos for exact replication. Consider your skin color, hairline, hair texture, length, shape of your face before coming up with your “dream look”. I always trust the advice of the folks at Piandre. They always graciously dismiss my random brain farts like “I want blunt bangs! Like a Japanese doll!”, they let me know in the sweetest way possible why my pegs won’t be suitable for my face shape and hair texture and true enough 99% of the time they always get it right.
  4. Be welcoming of change. Change is always a good thing! Sometimes it’s nice to stay in your comfort zone—and I’m not only talking relationships and career here, A lot of women are afraid of change in terms of their looks or appearances too. And I totally get that! Especially if you have this amazing thing going on already—I mean if you consider yourself PERFECT as is then don’t listen to me. But if you’re itching for something new, whether something minimal or something drastic, then start with your hair. You’ll be amazed by the results! The Balayage is the most natural looking hair color technique available in the market, it’s something that will definitely change your look but in a softer, enhanced way.
  5. Do it FOR YOU. Not for anyone else, but for you!!! Reward yourself and have fun with the whole salon experience. My trips to Piandre are sacred to me because it’s where I have my ME TIME. It’s nice to have a “safe place” where I can be myself, get pretty and feel good about it, especially after a LOOOOONG day of work or just when I am in zombie mode as a mom. A blow-dry can change your mood. A hair cut can make you smile. A pedicure can make you want to dance again. Sure it seems all superficial, but it builds self-confidence and self-appreciation too. There’s no shame in wanting to take care of yourself 🙂

Now back to my dream hair transformation by EDWARDS AND CO and PIANDRE SALON! Here are some snaps of the actual hair color workshop 🙂 🙂 Again, my deepest thanks to everyone!!!!


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