Engagement Shoot by Mango Red


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HAYYY, KILIGGGGGG <3 Our biggest thanks to the wonderful Mango Red Team!
P.S. Thanks for all your emails. I’ve been receiving letters from all over and we’re so overwhelmed by the response! To answer most of your requests.. YES, feel free to share these photos with your friends. I would truly appreciate it though if you provide a link back to my blog and if you give due credit to Mango Red. Maraming Salamat!

33 Responses to Engagement Shoot by Mango Red

  1. congrats the pats! cool engagement photos! can’t wait for your wedding pictures too. stay inlove! 🙂

  2. love how it’s not pretentious but it’s crazy romantic! hope you too have a great and fun life together:)

  3. I’ve been a fan for ages! I know a lot have been sending their love to the both of you and I wish you the same. I’m truly happy for you! The photos scream love, love, love! I hope I could take photos of you someday. 🙂 God bless!!

  4. one of a kind engagement photos. after seeing all the photos it left a smile on my face. congrats!

  5. :: so cutie!!! specially the one with colorful powder effect,i think it was a tradition they do in india,i’ve watched a movie with that kind of skimppiee cutie effec,anyhow go PATTS stay in <3!!! c:

  6. Thanks for sharing with us Patty! 🙂 Pag in love talaga, it will show in pictures..di na kailangan ng super bonggang embellishments. God Bless your union!

  7. Cool pictures! 🙂 They really did an awesome job and you guys did an awesome job “posing-posing!” 🙂 Question, what were you guys blowing? Was that paint?

  8. Congrats d’Pats! 🙂 I can’t wait to see your wedding pics! haha, excited! I love the glow on your face! You’ll be the most beautiful bride. Stay inlove!

  9. Hi Patty! I’ve been a religious follower of your blog since my undergrad days (i’m already a medical intern now!), that was your old blog I was following back then. I was extremely gleeful when you announced your engagement to Patrick because after all those stuff you wrote and shared with us, your readers, before, you’ve finally found The One and I’m so happy for you!!! I never wrote a comment in any of your entries no matter how I want to because I thought you might not read them due to the hectic schedule you have as a superwoman!! Hahaha! Well, the point of this comment is to ask permission from you if I could grab a photo of you and Patrick (this one http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-e_4L9OorTQM/TzIVtjui4-I/AAAAAAAAEO8/0iDhYHoMURw/s1600/Screen+Shot+2012-02-08+at+2.25.20+PM.png) for me to post in my blog. It’s the love month and I’m plan to do some write-ups and feature you in it. Hahaha! I hope you don’t mind. I won’t “steal” the photo without you allowing me to. God bless you, Patty! Continue rocking on! 🙂


  10. Hi Patty! I adore weddings and I’ve seen a lot of engagement photos but I have to say that yours is by far the best I have seen! It’s so candid and natural and you two look amazingly in-love! Winner talaga! 🙂

    an instant MangoRed fan,
    Maudey 😉