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We travel to Paris almost every year to visit my sister and her family who have been based there for several years now. In each and every visit, I find myself people watching (one of my most favorite past times!) and admiring the French women in particular. Don’t you just love how French women always manage to look so chic, sophisticated and… fit! Don’t get me wrong, they are not all “skinny”. They actually look sexy in different shapes and sizes—but whatever size they come in, the common factor is that they all look like they are at their healthiest state. A lot of credit is due to their lifestyle and of course their eating habits as well.

I heard that a lot of French women incorporate milk into their daily diet. Whether it’s a tall glass to accompany their breakfast or a warm glass to help them soothe at night—it’s something that has become a staple in most French homes. In the Philippines, the culture of milk-drinking sort of feels limited to babies and kids. As soon as your child hits puberty, milk drinking becomes a lesser priority when in fact, adults need milk in their systems just as much!


The French Milk Brand, Regilait, invited me to take up the challenge of incorporating MILK into my daily routine for the month of September. I’ll admit at first it felt funny mixing myself a glass of milk like a child again. But eventually it felt much more organic with my routine.

I tried the 4 variants, Vitamins Plus, Low Fat, Bone Nutrition and Calorie Control. Depending on your needs, each variant addresses specific concerns and can help you achieve your health goals. I personally loved the Bone Nutrition variant, especially for my post-baby body that seems deficient in calcium at this point. It was great to add some strength to my worn out bones! For those who just want to pack in some energy boosters into your day to combat stress and haggardness–I advice you try the Vitamins Plus as a diet supplement. For those trying to manage their weight (either to lose or to keep it at a steady pace), you can opt for the Low Fat or Calorie Control variants. The Calorie Control is also great for those with a history of diabetes.

What sets this brand apart from most of the brands I’ve tried is the solubility of the powder. It dissolves so seamlessly into your glass (whether you mix it with hot or cold water!) and you don’t have those annoying lumps or bubbles. And because it comes in powder form, it’s actually a more economical choice as you can ration it per day and it can hold in your pantry for a longer period of time (vs the liquid form).  You can even use it as a substitute for your creamer for your coffee/tea and even use it for cooking! You can add it into your favorite dishes in place of cream/milk (yep, carbonara can now be low fat!)!

The video below perfectly describes Regilait and the benefits it has for your body! So let’s do something French shall we??? 🙂 🙂 Visit REGILAIT on Facebook to find out where you can buy a can or two for yourself! They can even deliver to select locations 🙂

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