Express Your Fashionali-tea

Postura Project x Miss Match x Moon Leaf

After my Friday class in Ateneo, I zoomed straight to Pipino for a lunch meeting with creative couple Elbert and Lorra (we’re working on a top secret project! We’re releasing it early 2013! Eeek!), met up with my creative bestie Alessa for a quick pedi, then joined the creative teams behind Postura, Miss Match and Moon Leaf. Obviously the word of the day is CREATIVE!!!! Hahaha! Even if I’m nowhere near being a creative person—I think I was able to suck in all the creative juices from these creative minds and now have a steady supply of creative ideas to last me an entire creative year. Sa sobrang creative ko, the things I create–create themselves even without me creating them yet! It’s like the brilliant ideas just think themselves up..and POOF! It’s like magic! My ideas can totally whoop your ideas’ ass! My ideas are sooooo mind blowing, my mind refuses to think them! Hahahaha 🙂 🙂 
Alessa and I joined a fun afternoon tea party organized by Chinggay and Pierra. Since we were encouraged to wear something Pinoy—I didn’t settle for just “something” but put on “somethings” hahaha! I wore a White Dress by Mich Araullo, Yellow Sandals by Renegade Folk, and Bag by Paisley. All proudly Pinoy brands! I encourage you to support local brands also by joining this month long event by Postura Project, Miss Match and Moon Leaf. This fun promo will run from September 8 to October 5.
Step One: Take a photo of yourself wearing at least ONE LOCAL BRAND and holding your fave Moonleaf drink. Step Two: Upload your photo in the Style Gallery on! That’s it 🙂 You could win gift certificates from Postura Project’s partner brands!
Thank you again to the sweet Labrador girls for inviting me and Alessa 🙂 

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