Faith and Fitness

Happy 2014 folks! We just got home from a great New Years Eve feast at my in laws and it was definitely a happy-tummy kind of dinner with free flowing food. For lunch, we visited my parents and it was equally sumptuous. My mom prepared English Breakfast platters for each of us, complete with potato hash, mushrooms, baked beans, eggs, and a mountain of bacon!!!! This entire month has been a never ending chibugan session–with get togethers, Christmas parties, reunions left and right. 

Though I haven’t been entirely “good” in keeping track of my food intake over the past few weeks, I have to admit I’m proud of myself for squeezing in at least 2-3 pilates sessions per week. This is the only time in my whole 30 years on this planet that I’ve really committed to a fitness regimen. I’ve been exercise phobic all my life, so this is a major milestone for me and an answered prayer! I love my Pilates workouts in Options Studio in the Fort and I definitely see myself doing this long term. 

And I also do appreciate the support I get from my husband. He has been such a wonderful cheerleader throughout this whole “getting fit” ordeal of mine. When I’m feeling sluggish and lazy, he encourages me to roll out of bed and even volunteers to drop me off at my Pilates class. If you are trying to change something, it works wonders to have someone championing your goals and dreams for you—no matter how BIG or SMALL, it’s great to have someone who will care enough to bug you day in and day out!

Although there’s a big part of me that wants to be FIT and FAB for superficial reasons—come on!!! I want to rock a bikini body too you know…I won’t even pretend here—the bigger reason behind this is because I just want to be healthy so I can be a better version of ME and achieve the things I’ve always wanted to accomplish AND more importantly now, to be healthy and happy enough to take care of Patrick and our future kids. I’ve written about this so many times already on the blog and I’ve tried hard to make some conscious changes already. At home, I try my best to input nutrient rich, all natural, and wholesome ingredients into our meals. I haven’t gone all out organic yet, well, to be honest it’s just too costly for us. But I try to be mindful about where I source our meats, veggies, fruits. We aren’t straight A students in the “healthy eating” department quite yet. We still eat out, we still indulge here and there, we still have cheat days, and my appetite is still godzilla-like in proportions (as you can see on Instagram!About 75% of my posts are food pictures!). But we see food in a whole new light now, we value food for its taste, flavour, and nutrition. No more wasting away with so-so tasting food with empty calories. It’s all about loving the kind of food that loves your body back. 

As I was doing research on online books and recipes for quick&healthy meals, I stumbled across a video about THE DANIEL PLAN. I’ve always admired Rick Warren and so I clicked on the link immediately. I told Patrick about it and he immediately purchased the book for me on iTunes. I’m a very slow reader so I’m still on Chapter 1, but I intend to finish the book asap. I’m so excited about this book!!! Although the goal is to keep you healthy and fit long term, the starters program is just 40 days short (or long, but let’s stay positive so “short”nalang! Hahaha). I don’t know if I’ll be able to survive this, so I’ve forced twisted the arm blackmailed  lovingly asked Patrick to be my Daniel Plan partner. To be realistic though, we’ll have 1 cheat day a week—yeah, yeah, it’s not in the plan but for my sanity, I need it! So you’ll still see a cupcake or two in my Instagram feed from time to time. But of course, cheating has to still be in moderation. Wait, cheating is BAD period. Ok, don’t listen to me. I love that they also have a guide for eating out (click here), which I hope I can stick to! Let’s see, Lord, HELP ME!!!! 
Of course it would be much better for you to read the book and go through the experience on your own, but in a nutshell, Pastor Rick Warren and a team of medical experts got together to come up with a program that is not just a temporary fad diet but more like a lifestyle revolution. It incorporates Faith, Fitness, Food, Focus and Friends (and Family too! Pwede!)—the 5 Fs that are very, very, very important to me right now. Oh and F for FILART. Uy. Ok, baduy, erase erase. For more information about The Daniel Plan–just visit 🙂

So there, I will start the 40 day program next week!! Kaya ko ba ‘to?!?!! I just wanted to post it here so I can be somewhat accountable to myself and to everyone. I want to do this, I am determined to do this 🙂 My prayer is that through this 40 day program my relationship with FOOD will become more meaningful, that I will find this new lifestyle change FUN&INTERESTING and that God will make it about me treating myself to GLORIOUS GOOD FOOD—the food he has created for our bodies to nourish and satisfy us, bold with flavors, food prepared thoughtfully and carefully, meals made with love—and not just about settling for “pwede na yan”  or “temporary joy” food that does more harm than good. The Lord loves it when we’re happy and healthy–so I’m claiming this promise for 2014. I want to live my life to the fullest and honor God in every little aspect of my life, even in my eating. Gusto kong kumain ng masarap for 2014 and I’m starting today. Wishing you all a HAPPY and HEALTHY 2014!!!!:)

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