Fashion Friday: A Supermowdel for a Weekend

“I’m too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt..too sexy it HURTS! I’m a model, you know what I mean..and I do my little turns on the catwalk..YEAHHHH!”

Yep, that’s on loop mode in my mind now. So what if I’m 5’3. So what if hanggang tuhod lang ako ng ibang models. So what if my arms are flabby and I like to eat. Bahala kayo, basta ang alam ko..I’m a supahhhh mooooowwwwdel!!! That’s final. Period. No erase. No liquid paper. FINAL ANSWER.Bow. 
In the modeling industry, there are “face models” and “body models”. Face models are the ones you see in print ads, magazine covers, and commercials..then there are the body models who are the queens of the runway, longer and leaner with legs up to their ears! Some are blessed to be face and body models..but personally, all I’ve ever been was a face model. And I dont even do face-modeling too well! Whenever I emote and project, it just looks awkward. My make love to the camera look is more like a nahahaching-na-ako-look!hehehe! Gusto ko rin sana maging hand model, kaya lang with my grade 4 fingers..mukhang wala akong future sa career na yun! Aww, shucks. I won’t lie to you, especially now that I’m dating a 6 footer..there are days when I dream of having longer spider legs! But at the end of the day, I’m grateful that God built me this way and I aint complaining. My legs aren’t up to my ears, my legs are just my legs..short and cute, just the way I like ’em. When I was asked to be a part of the runway show of THE Veejay Floresca..I was hesitant at first but then I thought to myself, hey, this is a once in a lifetime experience! How many people can say they did a runway show abroad, in front of thousands of people, wearing designer pieces?!?! So I finally said YES and luckily, some girlfriends of mine (who also happen to be professional models) said YES as well. So it didn’t feel entirely like work but a weekend getaway with people I love, a win-win situation indeed! So here are some photos from our fun fashion show experience in Malaysia. 🙂
Here are the fresh faced girlies without any makeup for our early morning rehearsal. We were zombies getting up at 5 in the morning..all cranky and half asleep. But Veejay’s funny antics kept us awake and we were laughing like crazy kids immediately!

Here we are at our holding room in Mandarin Oriental where we all had our hair and makeup done by Malaysian stylists (who surprisingly knew some Filipino lines like :”Hoy Bakla and sexy mo!” hahaha). My face is barely recognizable, I look so different when I have heavy makeup on!

These photos were taken backstage just before our first show. We wore these lovely jewel toned gowns by Veejay and modeled it in front of hundreds of VIPs, diplomats, and celebrities from all over Asia. I was sooooo nervous, all I could think of was “Wag kang DADAPATTY dito!!! Not here, not here!”. Amber performed 3 songs and rocked the whole venue with her fierce outfit! SEXY!!

Here are photos of the other models from Indonesia. Thailand, Brazil, Australia, Malaysia and other countries. They were all so skinny with 22 inch waists and towered over a whole foot over me!!! 

Here we are goofing around after our 2nd and last show. Finally, nakahinga na ako!!:) Thankfully, God was in control of every little detail..even putting one foot in front of the other carefully and not letting me trip on stage! So at this point, I was just so happy it was over and was desperately craving for a big juicy burger!

After the show, I was trying desperately to remove the thick waterproof makeup from my face. My skin is very sensitive so it’s always a must for me to take it all off before sleeping. It took me a good 30 minutes just trying to scrub it all off! As soon as I landed in Manila, I went straight to the clinic to have a facial! Haha 🙂 Overall, it was a truly memorable experience..many thanks of course to my Malaysian crew! Good vibes, good people 🙂

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