Fashion Friday: All Year Must Haves

Do you want to see how the gates of heaven look like??? Well then, make your way to Forever 21 and you’ll have a little preview. It’s no secret that I’m a die-hard F21 girl. Years back, I used to order online and have it shipped c/o my Tita in New York. It would arrive 6 weeks after but the long wait was definitely worth it. No words can describe the happiness you’ll get from opening a balikbayan box filled with Forever 21 goodies!!! So when Forever 21 finally hit our shores, it was an answered prayer! It’s the perfect one-stop shop for all your wardrobe needs. They’ve got everything covered from your staple lot of clothes, shoes, accessories, pajamas, makeup, swimwear, heck..they even have a whole section for men! I just did a little closet review and noticed that about 80% of my wardrobe comes from Forever 21. Their products are stylish yet affordable which makes it the perfect store for fashionistas on a budget.

I’ve been getting some emails about everyday, casual fashion so I decided to answer all your queries in one quick post. So here are some suggestions for building your new wardrobe for 2012. With these key pieces you’ll be able to survive a whole year! Just be creative in mixing and matching, accessorizing, and of course wearing it in different ways to create new and exciting looks each week! All of these items are available in Forever 21 and come in different colors and sizes too. So here ya go, girlies!!!


The Glitzy Body Hugging Dress
Be sure to have one vavavoom dress in your closet. It’s always a must to have at least one dress that makes you feel like a supermodel. Go for a dress that’s plain, this way it serves as a blank canvass to work with.
Comfortable Denim Short-Shorts
I am a South chick so I live in my SHORTS. It’s practically my uniform! Keep it casual in light denims, go preppy with khaki and a leather belt, or go clean and sleek with white shorts.
Dressy Silk Top
I love how loose silk tops always flatter any body type. This is actually my go to staple when I’m feeling a bit bloated. It hides all the chismis but makes you feel flirty and feminine.
The Perfect Skinny Jeans
This works for petites like me. Skinny jeans give you the illusion of long legs! Keep it casual with flats or dress it up with some pumps. Make sure it just rides below your navel for a perfect fit.
The Casual Striped Top
Stripes are always flattering. They look clean, they look casual, and they work well with just about anything.
The Loose and Floaty Tshirt
It’s easy breezy and casual, it’s the perfect put-together laid back look. Pair it with shorts for cute and casual, dress it up with a statement neckpiece for more drama, or match it with a fitted skirt to make it more flirty.
The Feminine Button Down 
These sweet button down tops work well for the office and can also transform into a date-night worthy top. Choose a button down top in a light and easy fabric which makes it less formal.
Sexy Leggings
Leggings are the best go-to bottoms when you’re feeling extra sexy. They also work well for sporty looks so this is a very versatile piece of clothing.
This is a sponsored post.
I just recently signed up for a Forever 21 MasterCard. If you’re an F21 fanatic like me, I suggest you get one too so you can avail of all the special perks and discounts. It comes in the cute signature Forever 21 yellow..which instantly makes you stand out as a stylish cardholder. Since I shop so much at F21, I figured it would be nice to get rewarded for all my purchases. With the Forever 21 MasterCard, you get special access to sales (yessss!!! no need to push and shove with all the other crazy shoppers! You get first dibs on sale products!), you get a sweet birthday treat from Forever 21, plus you get to earn triple rewards points too! Sounds too good to be true, huh??? Well, you better believe it!!! You get all this in just one card. 🙂

Rewards Program 
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Get first hand updates on Forever 21 special sale events and enjoy percentage discount offerings on regular-priced items. Be the first to check out discounted and regular-priced items through your early pass privilege before mall opening.
5% Rebate during SM’s 3-Day Sale
For a minimum spend of P5,000, enjoy 5% rebate on discounted and regular-priced items
Birthday Discounts 
As a birthday treat, enjoy special discounts on selected items. 
Free Membership for the First Year 
Principal and Supplementary Cardholders enjoy FREE Membership Fee for the first year.

With all these great perks, I know you’re dying to get your own FOREVER 21 Master Card too! Simply click this LINK and sign up! It’s that easy, girls 🙂 Happy Shopping!

5 Responses to Fashion Friday: All Year Must Haves

  1. I love this post Patty! Goes to show anyone can look effortlesslychic without breaking the bank. Youre a genius! 🙂 thanks for sharing and hope you can have more posts like this in the future-specially for ladies on a tight budget. Love you Patty!

  2. Hi Ms. Patty,

    Good morning:)
    Well to be honest i just read your blogs just last week and I just found myself reading it from your newer post down to older post :). And guess what I was able to finished it in 2 days and during office hours hehehehe..

    Now i can say i’m a fanatic of Patty Laurel (the fashionista everrr. You have the resemblance of Tweety De Leon and Phoemela Baranda 🙂 I’m also a fan of Patty-Patrick love team haha..Grabe i was so kiliigg when i was watching the “brownout proposal”. I wish I can also experience that kind of romantic proposal 😀

    Just to show you a proof how influential you are to me now, well i visited Forever 21 last Saturday hehe..and i totally agree it’s a store for fashionistas on a budget 🙂

    Please continue to be an inspiration to all of us.

    God Bless you always 🙂

  3. you deserve a HUUUGGGGEEE compliment po ms. patty 🙂 By the way i also follow u on twitter hehehe quite a long time na din i guess..


  4. hi ms. patty! visited forever21 megamall searching for that orange sandals that you posted.. but i can’t find it. 🙁 help please?

    Thanks and GOD bless! 🙂