Fashion Friday: Bling it On

Hello Patty! Ang saya ng blog mo!:) It’s part of my daily routine to check your blog..I’m so glad you’ve been updating your site almost everyday! I need your help. I’m obsessed with celebrities and I’ve always wanted to dress like one..but the problem is, I don’t have the celebrity budget to make me look like a Hollywood fashionista. I admire how you’re very frugal but still manage to look polished and stylish even on a budget. Any tips??? Thanks! –Kathy from Pasig 

Hi Kathy! Thanks for reading my blog everyday! Yahoooo!:) I’ve been trying to post almost everyday because it’s important for me to be able to connect with my super supportive readers. So even if on most days I’m dead tired, I still make the extra effort to stay up for an additional 15 minutes just to share something worthwhile and positive to all of you. I’m still getting the hang of it and working on my time management skills, but I promise you I will blog more often!:) 
About celebrity fashion…hay, I’m a celebrity gawker too! And although it’s natural for any person to look up to all these gorgeous and famous people..we also have to remember that they’re regular human beings too! They get pimples, they have bad hair days, and also feel bloated on some days. Well, maybe not Natalie Portman…she’s a living goddess. So don’t pressure yourself too much, these girls have the luxury of having an entire team of experts from stylists, hair and makeup artists, personal gym trainers, to facialists. The key is to develop your natural beauty with minimal effort and minimal expenses. 
The best way to dress like a superstar without going broke is to ACCESSORIZE!!! Accessories are the most inexpensive yet creative way to jazz up a look! A plain white tank will instantly look fabulous with a statement necklace, while a simple summer dress can turn into a cocktail frock with just the right earrings! These celebrities below have mastered the art of accessorizing! I matched them with some inexpensive pieces from local Accessories brand MARTINA-MARTINA just to prove to you girls that it’s absolutely POSSIBLE to look like a million bucks on a budget! To make it even more exciting, why not channel a different celebrity style per day..just to make your looks more playful and unpredictable. Good luck dearie!

                                                           Sweet Southern Belle like Leighton Meester
Hippie Chic like Kate Bosworth
Modern Vintage like Nicole Richie
Urban Exotic like Jessica Alba
Socialite Glam like Rachel Zoe
You could win some fabulous bling-bling from Martina-Martina!

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Contest ends on March 23, 2011. The more tweets you send, the more chances of winning!

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