Fashion Friday: Chunky Necklaces

Wow, I haven’t had a decent FASHION FRIDAY post in ages!!! So let’s get back on track with a Friday giveaway. As you have probably noticed, I’m a big accessories fan. I’ve mentioned this already before but I’ll say it again, it’s the most inexpensive way to make you look like a million bucks.When I’m too lazy to dress up, I always just add a big chunky necklace to a very plain outfit–and kablam! I’m all set! Here are some simple tips for dressing up with statement neckpieces:

Study the shape of your face, is it square shaped, oblong or round? Do you have a more defined jaw line? More prominent forehead? All of these things will dictate what type of neckpiece you should go for. Not all neckpieces complement my face shape–I have unique features and it’s important for me to wear accessories that accentuate them and not overpower them. For some odd reason, my face doesn’t work well with chokers—it just looks like I’m choking and not in a cool punk fashion kind of way but in a “Help, I swallowed a whole oyster! Administer the heimlich maneuver please!”.

I already discussed this before but I feel it must be stressed again! This is what always, always, always stresses me out. Lots of girls like to wear chunky necklaces with chunky earrings!!!! Please ladies, pick one and stick to one. If you’re digging this fancy neckpiece, then make it the star. Choose a pair of small studded earrings to accompany it. If you want to wear these vavavoom chandelier earrings, then ditch your chunky metal choker!

If you are opting for a very LOUD piece of jewelry, maybe it would be wise to tone down your hairstyle. Opt for a loose ponytail, a clean bun, or a sleek blowout. Don’t let your hair compete with your bonggacious accessories.

So there, hopefully those basic tips will help you 🙂 I actually just received a package from SWAN LAKE and I thought it would be nice to share the goodies with you girls too! Scroll down for more details 🙂

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4 Responses to Fashion Friday: Chunky Necklaces

  1. Great blog post. Loved it! I’m wearing a chunky necklace now and I’m glad to say that I followed all your tips- even before reading your post. Hehe Thanks and more power Miss Patty! Stay classy, sassy and beautiful! 🙂