Fashion Friday: Hip Hop, Fashion, and Beer Pong

Last Saturday, I was invited by the cool guys at Urban Athletics to celebrate PULSE SATURDAYS. When I heard that they’d be setting up BEER PONG stations inside the actual Urban Athletics store..I told them to sign me up for it ASAP!! I’m not much of a beer drinker, but I do like playing beer pong (and asking the others to drink my beer for me instead. I’m a wuss.) Maybe I could do iced tea -pong instead at my house?? WORD. Hahahaha!

Tagged as “Pulse Saturdays”, the event brought together music and urban fashion with some of the best local talents known for their flair and street funk. The Urban Athletics store in Greenbelt 3 transformed into Party Central with DJ Skratchmark and MC DASH who also launched their limited edition mixtape entitled: Kings on Deck Vol 1 – The Genesis. 

Although I don’t usually dress the part, I do love Hip Hop music 🙂 I spent my teen years in Alabang and all South peeps know that hip hop was all the rage in the 90s! I actually was a music schizo, shuffling from alternative, folk, jazz to hiphop. What I love about the hiphop scene is how they’ve managed to maintain that street cred when it comes to urban fashion. You have to hand it to them, they live and breathe hiphop! The guys always look so fly and the girls always look so street-chic!

Urban Athletics is home to many cool street culture/sports brands that aren’t only limited to the Hip-Hop crowd. Patrick and I represent the normal dorks of the world, sadly not as hippin’ and hoppin’ as we would like to be..but we still loved our  UA shopping experience! They house a lot of my fave brands like Roxy, Oakley, Converse, Jansport, Gola, Adidas, etc. Patrick got some new kicks from Nike and Radii and an awesome backpack for his lappy from Dakine. I got some headphones from Marshall and a cool sling bag from Manhattan Portage for travel. I’m so happy that the cult New Yorker brand is finally here!!!:) 
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