Fashion Friday: Liu Jo

So back to my obsession with gorgeous 40 something year olds, have you seen this video of Kate Moss rocking the Liu Jo campaign?!?! Can you believe this woman is 4-0?!?! Life indeed is unfair. But an equal stunner in the video would have to be the clothes and accessories from the Spring/Summer collection of this Italian brand.
Italian brand Liu Jo invited me to drop by their Glorietta store (it’s located in the new wing) last week. I actually dropped by in between my meetings and ended up staying longer than expected. Doesn’t this always happen to us girls?? 5 minutes only, I promise, promise! Which NEVER happens., rigghhhht??? 

I got lost in the sea of dresses, blazers, printed pants, wallets, bracelets, and BAGS! Oh dear me! Their BAGS are just so beautiful! Liu Jo was kind enough to gift me with a few eye candies and I can’t wait to wear them 🙂 BUT here’s the even bigger news—-they told me I can treat YOU (yes my readers mean a whole lot to me!) to a Liu Jo shopping spree as well!!!! Insert “EEEEEPPPPP!” here. Thank you again to Liu Jo for being so generous to my readers. Scroll down the blog entry for details 🙂 🙂

I’m giving away a 
worth Php 10,000!!!!
1. Post the image above on your Twitter and/or Instagram Account. Make sure your accounts are on public mode so I can view your entries.

2. Tag @pattylaurel and @liujoph and tell us why you want to shop at Liu Jo. It’s that simple!

Contest ends on April 10. Max of 3 entries per person only. The shopping spree will be in Liu Jo Glorietta.

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