Fashion Friday: My Scarf Addiction

I’m addicted to sweets and scarves. I’ve been in denial for too long about these two things that have remained constant in my life for many, many, many years! I was only made aware about my “fashion disease” recently when I started getting emails from readers asking for “scarf tips”. My initial reaction was “Why me? Do I look like a scarf guru to…..*opens closet* oooohhhhh….yeah…” I looked at my closet and was surprised to see a whole annex dedicated to scarves and shawls!!! Gaaaahhh. I only had 1 pair of cross trainers, 1 pair of sneakers, a few tank tops, few pairs of jeans, underwear and a whole kingdom of SCARVES!!??!?!! Uh-oh. May topak na talaga ako. And to make matters worse, almost ALL my travel photos have me in scarves! Ayayayay. My kids are probably going to ask me: “Mama, did you have an ugly neck when you were young??? Why did you have to wear all those scarves?” and of course, I’ll answer..”Yes, anak….sniff,sniff..but that’s in the past now, I prefer not to talk about my painful past..” (Intermission story) I remembered when I was trying my best to do reverse parking in a crammed space, atras abante ako with 4 manongs doing hand signals as to how I should turn my steering wheel. When I finally parked it, after 5 long minutes, the guard approached me: “Maam, ang tagal niyo naman mag-park. Mukhang nakainom kayo ah” sabi ko nalang “Ahhh..oo…” then I walked away acting a bit tipsy. This was at 2 in the afternoon. Better to be mistaken as a drunk than an idiot female parker!!! So yes, I lie when my pride is on the line! I kid, I kid! Hahaha 🙂
Looking at all these photos (and believe me, there’s more!) hindi naman halata that I have a scarf disease…medyo lang naman diba? HAHAHA.Scarves are my go-to fashion accessory when I’m too lazy to dress up. On my casual days, you’ll find me wearing a tank top, shorts, flip flops and a scarf. Also, scarves are perfect for traveling in both the summer and winter months.  They provide extra protection from both the bitter cold and harsh rays of the sun. It’s the most versatile piece of clothing: it can be worn as a neck piece, a bandana, a shawl, a bathing suit cover up, you can even lay it on the sand and make it your makeshift sunbathing lounge area! O diba! May justification pa tong scarf obsession ko. See, I’m not completely cuh-cuh-crazeeeee. I found these helpful instructional videos online, hopefully you’ll be able to pick up the habit of wearing scarves too! My mission is to make you all scarf-converts! Join my CLUB! Sign up now! Mwahahahaha 🙂 🙂 

9 Responses to Fashion Friday: My Scarf Addiction

  1. Oh yeah… As my mom would always say “get into the habit of buying a scarf every payday.” Nyak! She collects scarves kasi. I realized na I very much need it at work (I work in a call center) sa sobrang lamig. My recent loot is a rainbow colored one and I love it!

  2. I like your black quilted jacket, in the picture where you’re eating a strawberry. (la lang, just to change the focus from scarves)