Fashion Friday: My Style Crushes

I have girl crushes. My list includes Monica Belucci, Natalie Portman, Nigella Lawson, Rachel Wiesz, Nina Persson, and Alessandra Ambrosio. But I also have my string of style crushes. These are the girls who own the streets, still maintaining that casual easy vibe but looking drop dead gorgeous without trying too hard! My style favorites are about my age too, just a year or two older than me 🙂 I’ve never been more excited to push 30, I still have two years to go but I’m really looking forward to it! I have a ton of friends in their 30s who became hotter, lost their baby fat, and developed more womanly curves..and I can’t wait for my *ahem,ahem* “womanliness” to come out too!!! I’m always mistaken as a college student, a huge compliment for sure, but sometimes I feel like people look at me and think I’m still a nene! Dear World, I’m ready to become a WOMAAAAN! Lately, I’ve been reassessing my wardrobe and I think it’s time to inject some inspiration into my dull look. I’ve been too tired and stressed to put a decent outfit together these past few days, thinking that I really don’t care about how people perceive me..but you know what, I care about how I perceive me! I want to look fresh and clean everyday, just to make myself happy. I’ve been dressing too laid back lately, it’s time for a good change! I don’t have the budget to go on an all out shopping spree, so I guess I’ll just have to be creative with the pieces I have right now. It’s all a matter of mixing and matching and breathing new life into your wardrobe. So here are the girls that will inspire me…

You could let her wear a frickin’ sack and she’ll still work it. With an angelic flawless face like that, how can you go wrong?!?! But I love that she keeps her look very simple: minimal accessories and accents, clean lines, and tailored fits. 
This young style star is just an absolute stunner. What I love best about Olivia (yes close kami) is that she mixes high end fashion brands with affordable brands and pulls it off effortlessly. Talagang masasabi mong “nasa pag dadala lang yan”.  
My favorite German. And she’s Pacey’s girlfriend!! Awwww 🙂 She’s eclectic and fun, I love how she mixes and matches her clothes. She has a very feminine style but not overly girly, she still keeps that feisty edge and can even make a flowery top feel very edgy and chic. 
I’m not a fan of her acting, but the girl is a bombshell. But instead of flaunting her boobies and bum, she keeps it very subtle and sexy 🙂 She never wears anything too skimpy ala-Kim Kardashian na kapit na kapit sa katawan! Hahaha! She’s the queen bee of scarves and my whole scarf obsession started with her! Scarf dito, Scarf doon!
Orlando Bloom is one lucky son of a baboy! His wife is goooo-hooo-hoo-rgeous! Ok fine, she’s a supermodel and it would be impossible for a 5’3 midget like me to look like her one day..but her style is very accessible and workable even for shorties like me! Miranda’s style is just all about balance. Nothing overly done and over the top, just chic and clean.  
My idol, my idol, my idol. I want to be her BFF. I want to paint her toe nails. I want to watch DVDs with her. I love her style because she’s tiny like me!!!! She’s living proof that you can stand out in a crowd even if you only have a few inches on you. Rachel loves to keep things proportioned, she knows she’s small so she doesn’t drown herself with chunky accessories and heavy clothing. She also mastered the art of layering and can put simple pieces together to create a very cohesive overall look. Bravo, Rachel, magaling ka hija!!!:) 

10 Responses to Fashion Friday: My Style Crushes

  1. kate bosworth and diane kruger… they’re definitely IT. hindi lang style crush, pati girl crush 😀

    But olivia palermo, di ko sya feel… maganda talaga sya, pero she’s more of a poser(parang pilit iyong dating).

  2. Jessica Alba – can relate to the bum thing-y I just want it to be subtle looking. And she’s my fiance’s Hollywood crush.

    Rachel Bilson and Olivia Palermo (kahit hindi ko siya masyadong kilala) – they carry the clothes well.