Fashion Friday: Quirky and Colorful Finds

Whenever I have meetings and shoots in the north, I normally kill time in my favorite hangout spot PIPINO. A few weeks ago while I was chilling with Alessa, there was a group of pretty (and incredibly fashionable) girls having merienda at the resto and being the curious little cat that I am–I tried to (subtle kuno) observe what their whole meeting was about. The girls started whipping out all these cute shoes, camera straps, laptop sleeves which encouraged me to “spy” even more. I soon found out that it was actually a small party for PUNCH DRUNK PANDA, a group of young proudly Pinoy creatives who have come up with their own line of products. You can read more about this through Raleene’s blog here. As soon as I got home, I googled them and was pleasantly surprised to see all their fabulous designs on their website. I received my pair of pretty aztec inspired skimmers just yesterday! Woohooo! They’re called “Manic Mayans” designed by Kitkat Pecson and Patricia Prieto..and I promise you, they’re even prettier up close. They have plimsolls and skimmers that come in different designs and sizes (but you’ll have to order ASAP before they run out of stocks!). I love sharing new discoveries with my readers (as much as I love getting new tips and insider info from you guys too) so I couldn’t wait to show my new pair of PDPs to all of you today. Excuse the photo, I didn’t have a spot of makeup on–so I apologize for not looking like a legit “fashionista” in this picture! Pasensya na poooo! I will try to be more glamorous next time–emphasis on the word TRY. Hahaha.

I also received these cute lace accessories from Gera Online. They made earrings for me in my favorite summer colors! Here I am hamming it up for my Iphone. 
It’s time to share the happy goodies again. Yipeee!
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“Hi @pattylaurel! I’m taking my @punchdrunkinc camera strap to Bohol! I’m spending the whole weekend with my college barkada so I’ll be taking lots of photos for sure!”
Contest ends on May 3, 2012. 

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