Fashion Friday: Shopping and Pampering

A few weeks ago, I got a personal email from the girls of Miss Match and Chocolate Clothing Company congratulating me on our engagement. They told me that they prepared a special treat for me and my girlfriends–something unlike any other shopping experience I’ve ever had. And since I’m a sucker for these things, I exclaimed “GAME!”. I’ve always loved their laid back and ultra feminine Aussie clothes so when they told me about the “Chocolate Clothing Truckie” I jumped right on it. It took a while for me to wrap my head around it—a pink truck that’s actually a store?!?! Ha? What? Please explain further!
Not knowing exactly what to expect, I sent a text to all my fellow South girls to come over to my house. At around 2pm the Pink Truckie came and set up shop right at our driveway! It was so mind blowing to see the transformation—it was like a girly Transformer! A Cute, Pink Optimus Prime changing into an actual store right outside my house! Aliw talaga!:) All my friends were completely shocked to see a full functioning store in our home–it even came with it’s own dressing room tent with mirror! Our helpers were so amazed by it “Ang galing naman nila Patty! May tindahan na tayo sa labas!”. Curious neighbors even dropped by to ask about it as it really stood out in our ho-hum street. 
Chocolate Clothing has a special place in my heart because it’s one of the first brands I modeled professionally for–it was eons and eons ago, when I was still a nene looking college student. I used to visit their store in Megamall and be soooooo kilig to see my face plastered on their walls–that was such A BIG DEAL for me!!! 
Aside from shopping at the Chocolate Clothing Truckie, my friends and I were also treated to a manicure and pedicure by Belle and Cat Nail and Wax Studio. We enjoyed cupcakes and chatted all afternoon while having our toes done. The Belle and Cat team gave our sala a complete makeover and transformed it into a little pampering sanctuary! If you’re planning a bridal shower or birthday party, I suggest this winning combo of shopping+pampering at the same time. 
I love seeing my friends happy–to me that’s a reward in itself. Para akong si Juan Ponce Enrile “Gusto ko HAPPY ka!”. So I’d like to extend my deepest thanks to the thoughtful girls of Miss Match, Chocolate Clothing and Belle and Cat–my friends and I were all smiles on that lazy afternoon.
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8 Responses to Fashion Friday: Shopping and Pampering

  1. Pede bang maging besties/BFF na rin tayo? Napapansin ko kse lagi mo silang nililibre lately hihihi. But seriously, it is truly a joy in the Lord to share His blessings and being an agent of His generosity is truly humbling yet a privilege.

    God bless to soon-to-be Mrs. F!

  2. I love the Chocolate Clothing truck store. Pwede ka nang mamili even when you’re just just at home. The pampering is really great when shared with friends.