Fashion Friday: Suelas for the South Girls

I’m all for comfort+style+value for money, so it’s important for me to get all 3 factors in a product and never settle for anything less. When it comes to flats, most of you know that I’m a big Suelas advocate. Ever since I discovered them a few years ago, they’ve become my work/travel staples. Suelas are marshmallows for your feet! If you’ve been wearing heels all your life, I promise you that once you slip your feet into a pair of will never ever go back to wearing heels. I’ve even traded my flipflops for Suelas, they’re that comfy! They’ve been doing amazingly well online, selling flats like hotcakes for the past few years but owners Jackie and Kaye wanted to bring the shoe experience directly to their loyal customers so they’ve finally put up some kiosks around the metro. Luckily for us Alabangers, Las Pinasers-Las Pinasites (?), Paranaquers-Paranaquites (?)–ah basta SOUTHERNERS nalang para safe—there’s a brand new Suelas store right at the heart of Alabang Town Center (located near dad’s favorite hang out the Daiso 88 peso store! AKA Da place to be for the kuripots like me!). 
Cecil and Audrey are planning a fun trip out of the country next month so we decided to go shoe shopping at ATC. Suelas has become a favorite for travelers because aside from being comfortable and stylish, they roll up and flatten so easily which makes packing them a breeze! You can bring several pairs of Suelas for one trip and it won’t occupy too much luggage space. So we tried on several pairs and made quite a mess at the Suelas store..hihihihi, buti nalang the salesgirls were very warm and friendly! We couldn’t make up our minds, we were on a shoe high trying different colors and styles. It was 30 minutes of “Ay gusto ko ‘to–pero maganda rin ‘to–ay bagay ‘to sa maxi dress ko–wait, this one looks good too. Should I buy all 3–Miss you have this in size 7?” Even Audrey wanted in on all the shopping action and tried on some pairs too. Feeling dalaga na rin kasi ‘tong baby na ‘to, she was trying on the big pairs and strutting her stuff for random passers-by to see. It’s a good thing they now have a line for the litte fashionistas called Suelitas so Audrey brought home a sparkly gold pair that fit her perfectly.  
We got two pairs each–after a battle of self control which of course we will eventually lose because we’ll most likely be back in a month for more pairs! Bitin yung shopping spree! Cecil took home the pink/orange Matiz, I got the Gold Brillo and we both got the Gold Llanura’s with chains. Yehey! Matching-matching kami as sisters-in-law..that’s how much we love each other! hahahaha 🙂 
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“Hello Patty! I’m a working student who’s always on the run! Pls give me some cute and comfy shoes from SUELAS! I need to save my feet! #size6”
Visit the shop at ATC or shop online and have it delivered straight to your home at

8 Responses to Fashion Friday: Suelas for the South Girls

  1. Just what I need right now! Was thinking of buying new flats yesterday. Will drop by ATC tonight and buy myself a pair. 🙂 ♥

  2. thanks for this blog I found a new love again. . . hehehehe:) can’t wait to grab a new pair for my summer escapade. . .dabest ka talaga dapatty!!

    God bless!!!good vibes!!!

  3. I got a gold Llanura w chains too! How do you go w the chains! They keep fall
    Ing out on me. ;s thank you for introducing me to this brand when you blogged about it a few yeats back. I always depend to them w my flats. I was thrilled too to see a shop in ATC! 🙂