Fashion Friday: THE WEEKENDER

“Hi Patty! I love your blog and your personal style. Can you please give me some tips? My hubby and I are celebrating our first year anniversary next month. He planned a special Tagaytay getaway just for the two us. How can I look casual and cute for our romantic weekend? I want to look fabulous but still remain low maintenance because my hubby and I like to keep things simple.” 
                                                                               -Elaine from Makati

Hi Elaine! First of all, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I’m sure you’re still enjoying your honeymoon stage! I’m not a big fashion expert but since you mentioned the words “low maintenance” I figured this was a fashion challenge I could accept. Just like you, I like keeping my fashion simple and comfortable. For quick out of town trips, it’s always best to pack light and to dress light too.

1.) Pick clothes that are wrinkle free and lightweight which can easily be stored in a small overnight bag, jersey and cotton clothes are your best bets for easy breezy.

2.) Next, pick an “anchor” item. This is the one time which will tie all your random pieces together. It could be a taupe bag, nude sandals, or even a nice white cardigan. This anchor should be something you could repeat throughout the weekend.

3.) Work with a theme for the weekend. It could be a color palette (brights, neons, pastels, nudes, black&white) or a concept (nautical, bohemian, preppy). This will allow you to narrow down your wardrobe choices and make your overall look more cohesive.

4.) But at the end of the day, don’t be too stressed about the way you look! As long as you look clean and smell sweet, I’m sure your hubby will still be head over heels with you no matter what you wear! The best accessory you can put on is a megawatt SMILE!!! It works for me ALL the time, kahit naka-pambahay at tsinelas lang ako! 🙂 So go ahead, look fabulous and enjoy your anniversary!

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