Fashion Friday: Wanderlust

Everyone’s favorite local swimwear line, WANDERLUST by beauty queen slash model mommy Maggie Wilson, has a new collection out called Arabian Summer. Inspired by the many years she spent in the Middle East as a child, this collection is definitely hot hot hot!

“Having grown up in Jeddah, Maggie has always been enamored of the sights and delights of this coastal city. In her hopes of sharing her wondrous experiences growing up and being such a lover of the sun and sea, she shares with every woman Wanderlust’s new and beguiling ARABIAN SUMMER swimsuit collection—characterized by bold cuts, enticing silhouettes and striking prints. ARABIAN SUMMER stirs memories harking back to the days under the marvelous Arabian sun, with swimsuit pieces bursting in joyous colors of blue and teal that call to mind the sea; dark green that evoke memories of those swaying palm trees back; brown and orange, a throwback to the mysteries of the endless sand; and red for those blazing desert sunsets. The collection also carries prints that echo the Arabian ghutrah, the traditional Arab headdress, and material reminiscent of traditional handmade fabric used in cushions and carpets.”

Wanderlust sent me a few pieces the other day and I was amazed to see how figure flattering they actually are!!! No joke! It was a good kind of surprise actually. And to think I do not have the typical svelte model’s body..I’ve got boobies, short legs, and lots of “soft” bits here and there (i refuse to use the F word–FAT!) but the Wanderlust suits made me feel comfortable and sexy in my own skin. I’ll be honest, I was a bit intimidated at first when I encountered the brand—I even thought to myself, “Naku baka naman all the swimsuits are for model types with slender frames like Maggie Wilson lang! I don’t think babagay yan sa mga chunky monkeys tulad ko!”. But surprise, surprise the suits fit me perfectly! I’m just waiting for the rainy season to end so I can host another pool parteeeyyyy at home 🙂
For years, I had to order my swimsuits from a brand abroad because I couldn’t find good quality but affordable suits in Manila. All the good ones were simply too expensive, I couldn’t get myself to spend that much moolah for such a teeny weeny piece of clothing. Wanderlust’s swimwear are well-priced and within a decent range that won’t hurt your wallet too much. It’s not dirt cheap of course because it’s still durable material that you’re paying for. 
I love their one piece suits the best, they make you feel like a 50s pin up girl in an instant. I was definitely channeling my inner Marilyn Monroe when I was fitting them. But if you’re a bikini kind of girl, you can choose to Mix and Match. You can select different styles and colors and also make adjustments for the sizes. If like me, you’re top heavy and a bit smaller on the hips, then you can opt to get a size bigger for your top and get something more snug for the bottom. Just visit the Wanderlust website to find the style, color, and size for you.
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