Fashion Friday:Benetton Shopping Spree

Last night I had to force command twist his arm  lovingly ask Patrick to take a break from his editing project so he could bring me to High Street. And since he was in full work mode, I knew I had to bring out the big guns to convince him—-my puppy dog eyes always do the trick. I tried dancing sexily while brushing my teeth, somehow that just made him look the other way. But why?!?!?! Anyway, the reason why I desperately wanted to make it to High Street on time was because I was excited to shop with Knox Balbastro, the winner of the Benetton Shopping Spree contest!!!! Woohooo!!! It makes my heart jump for joy when I’m able to collaborate with brands to give freebies to my’s one of my favorite things about being a blogger!
Knox is a natural fashionista!  I didn’t even have to assist her at all, she practically zoomed right through the racks and picked up the clothes without any hesitation. Her choices were spot on—colorful, fun, but still very polished. Of all the goodies she got, I especially loved that bright lemon sweater—cuddle worthy but still very sexy. Perfect for the cold weather we’ve been enjoying these past few weeks.  🙂
Thanks to Benetton, she was able to take home 10,000 pesos worth of clothes!!! WOOOOW! Ang swerte niya diba?!?! By the way, this cute floral dress I’m wearing is from Benetton too! I wore it on our honeymoon to Bali and absolutely loved it. It’s pretty versatile too, I can wear it as a top or as a dress, two pieces in one!
My biggest thanks to Benetton High Street for allowing me to shop with blog reader, Knox!  

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