Fashion Friday:These Boots are Made for the RAIN!

Rubber Rain Boots. Hmm. Not exactly the most stylish piece in your closet, ey?? Say what you will about our rubbery friends, they are extremely functional and will save your toes from puddles! And who likes puddles??? Whooooo?!?! Only puddles like puddles, so that does not count! I hate how the word puddles is so deceiving–it rhymes with cuddles and poodles and almost sounds like pupples (1980s flashback) so when you hear the word “PUDDLES” you immediately think it’s something soft, sweet and fluffy—BUT NO. HECK NO. There’s nothing sweet about it. It’s Small Pools of Putik. Pools filled with stork wrappers, cigarette butts, and God knows what else. So as you can see, because of my deep hatred towards puddles–I’ve come to love this not so fashion forward footwear, Rain Boots. Thankfully, rain boots are now more chic these days so it’s not something you need to be embarrassed about anymore. Pair it with a white tank, leather jacket and skinny jeans–and voila! You’ve got a really cool rainy look going on! If you’re traveling to somewhere snowy, rubber boots are perfect because they are slip proof and keep your toes dry and warm!
Here I am scaring away a wild deer in Narra, Japan. Animal lovers, please dont crucify me–the deer just rolled its eyes at me. I was obviously not a threat to him at all. He just said “Nguuuushhhgggbbbuuueee” that’s “Damn tourists!” in Japanese deer speak. I took Asian Animal Sounds as my Foreign Language in Ateneo. 
 Ok, before anything..let’s dissect my dad’s winter outfit. He looks like a hip-hop Japanese World War 2 soldier turned hobo man with an unbelievably long torso and incredibly short legs. There is ONLY one person to blame for this outfit–MY MOM!!!! My dad has never ever bought a single piece of clothing on his own in all their 30 years of marriage–so Mom, this whole outfit is totally your fault. MWAHAHAHA!!! uyyy, friends na kami ni Bambi!
A blurrrrrryyyyyy photo of me and Alessa strutting our rain boots in NYC back in ’08. Yes, my digi cam back then was horrible. You can barely recognize Alessa’s face here! Hahaha!
Our other “kumares” in the States–Ano ba yan, ginaya yung boots namin. Tsk tsk. 
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I got my nude rain boots from Urban Outfitters on SALE (the magic word) but if money was not an issue, I’d definitely snag these designer rain boots! They look so fierce and chic, they’re definitely not your average MMDA looking rubber boots. If I had one of these designer booties on, I’d be splish-splashing all day long! RAAAINNN, bring it on!!!!
Jimmy Choo for Hunter
Juicy Couture
Marc Jacobs

7 Responses to Fashion Friday:These Boots are Made for the RAIN!

  1. it’s a + factor to wear expensive designer pieces but no one can buy style and u got it, stay pretty.

    p.s. hhhmmm wat if one can hire a stylist? can u say mabibili na rin ang style?


    • Hi! I bought my rain boots from 🙂 they have a lot of cute styles from various brands. It’s a local site too 🙂

  2. As with Kris, I bought mine from the same site. It’s really a lifesaver, especially when I’m commuting – no fear ako during a heavy downpour or a baha 🙂