Feast of Colors at Discovery Country Suites

If you’re on a diet, I urge you to click the X tab right now because this post’s sole purpose is to entice you with mouthwatering dishes. It’s going to be ALL about the glorious, colorful food we had at the Feast of Colors Buffet at Discovery Country Suites last weekend. True to it’s title, guests were treated to a feast not only for the belly but for the eyes as well. It was so colorful in fact, I was shocked to see Blue and Green Paella! And who could forget those bright colored ube cake shots and that heavenly avocado chiffon cake. GAAAAAH. Working on this post has been sheer torture. I want to relive this whole buffet again!!! Sana nag-take home ako!! Hahaha!

It was raining cats, dogs and caterpillars all over Tagaytay but the bad weather was not enough to dampen my foodie spirits. I puppy-dog-eyed my husband (with matching kindat) into coming with me all the way to Tagaytay and I bribed Theo with some biscuits. Hahaha. Thank you boys for always supporting mommy’s passion for food! You guys are the best! And to Celine and Chef Rhea, congratulations on another amazing event by Discovery Country Suites.  You guys always mount the most exquisite and personalized events—I look forward to more celebrations with you guys!

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More about the FEAST OF COLORS EVENT from The Discovery Country Suites Team:

Home cooking is an integral part of Filipino custom and traditions. For the past years, a myriad of restaurants and food crawls with international dining options emerged in different parts of the country, but nothing ever came close to Philippines’ colorful array of delicacies. That is why Discovery Country Suites’ culinary team, headed by Chefs Anthony Raymond and Rhea Sycip, in collaboration with, Chefs Nancy Reyes-Lumen and Jaja Andal worked on a project entitled, Feast of Colors, that took inspiration from the vibrant colors and vigor of Tagaytay’s lush landscapes.

Featured dishes such as Chef Nancy’s Rodrigo’s roast (by Nancy Reyes-Lumen from the Adobo Book) and Mechado paprika; Chef Jaja’s Blue paella, Talangka pate, and a salad of colorful flowers and greens of Tagaytay with choice of Passion fruit dressing or Santol dressing were enjoyed by all the guests. Food and Beverage Director of The Discovery Leisure Inc., Chef Anthony, showcased his culinary skill in creating exquisite local dishes such as Pinoy baked rockefeller, Crispy whole lapu lapu, Seafood bicol express and Duck adobo. Discovery Country Suites’ Resident Manager and Pastry Chef, Chef Rhea completed the buffet experience with her Avocado sponge cake, Amadeo muffins, Ube halaya chiffon cake and Langka queso de bola cheesecake.

Discovery Country Suites is one of five properties of The Discovery Leisure Company’s portfolio of distinctive hotels and resorts. Get updates through Discovery Country Suites’ Facebook on http://facebook.com/DiscoveryCountrySuites, @discoverycountrysuites.

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