Feeling Like Royalty in Japan

With more flights from Manila to Tokyo and a much more welcoming VISA application system in place, more and more Filipino travelers are planning their Japanese holidays. I’ve been to this country three times already but it never fails to fascinate me! I see myself traveling to Japan a few more times in this lifetime. I’ll be sharing more about our Tokyo adventure in the succeeding blogs, but for now, I wanted to write about the Palace Hotel Tokyo because it was really a truly memorable stay for me and Patrick. We only stayed for 2 nights but we loved it so much, I couldn’t help but share it with you folks today. 
I think we no longer fall under the category of “honeymooners” because we already have almost 2 years under our belts. BUT there’s nothing wrong with acting like a bunch of sappy newlyweds even with 10-20-30 years between you, right? If you are engaged and are in the process of planning your honeymoon, scrap all your other options and BOOK HERE (or give a few subtle hints to your Ninangs/Ninongs to give you this as a wedding gift! Hahaha!). Or if you are already married with kids, saved up a bit for a special occasion—then this property is worth exploring. 
I booked this hotel with the help of AGODA, so it was pretty easy and hassle-free. I was there a few days ahead for work and so Patrick flew in over the weekend to join me. The agreement was for him to just take the Airport Train when he landed in Narita and make his way to the Tokyo Train Station (it’s just a few blocks away from the hotel) and meet me at the Palace Hotel Tokyo. I came from another hotel so I checked in earlier and was surprised by the Front Desk with a free upgrade to their EXECUTIVE SUITE!!!!!! *insert shrieking sounds here* I love getting random upgrades when we travel, it’s like Christmas for a traveler like me! Here I am running around like a kid in our 75 sq meter suite!!! We live in a 95 sqm apartment back in Manila so this was HUGE by our standards. It’s a suite you can definitely stay in for an entire week or more because of all the free space!
Half way through my frolicking in the suite, I realized that I still haven’t heard from Patrick and so I started to worry. “Did his plane make it on time? Did he get lost? What happened to him?” then a very selfish-it’s so evil I’m embarrassed to even share it but I will–thought came into my mind. “Oh shucks, if Patrick doesn’t make it—-does this mean—-I HAVE THIS SUITE ALL TO MYSELF?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?! WEEEE!!!!! Party Time!!!” *rolling on the bed* and then two seconds after *Ding-Dong*. Yep, it’s Patrick. BOOOOO. Hahahaha! I kid, I kid. Of course I was jumping up and down when I saw him. I took him around the suite for a little tour and we both looked at each other like “Oh yeah!”. When you work as hard as we do, these little luxuries mean so much! 
Another thing to note is the location, how can you go wrong with this premier moat-side location? You know how other hotels claim to be “near” a special point of interest then when you get there you realize that “near” is actually a 20 minute walk and several bus stations away? Well, this hotel will not disappoint. They’ve definitely earned the right to put the word “PALACE” on their hotel’s name because it’s right beside the Imperial Palace. We were lucky to be billeted in a room with a spectacular view. A view you will only see in postcards. The day time view was beautiful with the lush greens against the clear blue sky but the night time view proved equally amusing, with lights from the buildings around the Palace grounds shining like diamonds (ala-Rihanna!). I loved that this area was the quiet part and historic part of the city. 
As an added perk, guests who book in the Executive Suites can enjoy access to the Club Lounge. This was definitely a favorite of ours and we really maximized our access! They serve fine canapés, finger foods, cheese, specialty cakes, and even Champagne at selected times. The bubbly will definitely put you in your “honeymooning” mood, wink, wink!!!

If you book early, you’ll be able to snag good deals with Agoda that includes their Breakfast Buffet too. It may cost a bit extra but I suggest you do so since it’s really worth it 🙂 They have a really good spread in the morning. I went gaga over their freshly baked breads and pastries. You can also opt to dine al fresco and watch the beautiful geese swimming like ballerinas by the moat. 

Another interesting feature about the Palace Hotel Tokyo is their collection of artworks scattered across the property. The paintings alone are enough reason to visit the hotel! There’s a lot of art and history within these walls (more than half a century worth of stories!) which makes it a much more interesting choice for discerning travelers. 
But the thing that had me sold on booking here was this—THE EVIAN SPA!!!! This luxury spa is the first in Japan and the only branch located outside of France! If you’re a SPA fanatic then you would know that this is THE SPA of Spas! We were treated to a 50 minute relaxing massage for two and it was the perfect way to cap off a long day of walking and sightseeing. 

             Some of the images above were taken from the official website of Palace Hotel Tokyo.
Thanks again to the wonderful staff of THE PALACE HOTEL Tokyo for making us feel like a King and Queen of our own little kingdom! It exceeded our expectations and to all my readers who are willing to splurge, this is a hotel I would highly recommend. And of course thanks to Agoda, still my go-to-site for bookings here and abroad. Your deals are really hard to match! I’ll be blogging about a budget and family friendly hotel next, so stay tuned for that. 🙂 I MISS JAPAN ALREADY!!!!! 

4 Responses to Feeling Like Royalty in Japan

  1. Hello Patty! Please share your secret naman on how you manage to look fresh and clean all the time :):) Pretty please! 😀

  2. awww I will keep this in mind! I want to visit Tokyo again and the hotel is HUGE!!! Considering most hotel room sin Japan to be small!!!! 🙂 Super cute niyo!!! I’m glad you had fun!!!!

  3. Hi Patty, been waiting for your blog post about Japan kasi I want to get tips since we are going there on October. 🙂 And we are staying at one of the airbnb apartments. Upon seeing palace hotel tokyo, wow kung dito kami nakabook ayaw na namin mamasyal hehehe!!!