Feels like Home To Me

Watch this video—-please! please!please!
KILIGGGGG. If that’s not what you felt, then you should go and see a therapist–SOON. As a media practitioner who loves to scrutinize every video online and on the telly—I was first amazed by how this commercial was able to effectively communicate a message in just 40 seconds. 40 seconds?!?!? That’s not even enough time to compose a decent text message! That’s barely enough time to finish a cup of coffee! I can’t even write a substantial blog post in 40 seconds–ok here, let me try—hmmmm—let’s see—WAIT?!What do you mean time’s up already?!?!?! The folks behind this ad were able to compress all these images into such a short commercial allowing you to feel all sorts of emotions in just one sweep. But the one thing worth noting in this ad is that it shows how most of your memories are actually built within your home–whether it’s in a 3 bedroom house, a townhouse, a studio apartment–or in our case, a tiny loft..you eat, you sleep, you cry, you laugh, you fight, you love in this special place. HOME.

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