Field Day



WARNING!!! There’s just too much cuteness happening in this blog post—so people, get ready for your hearts to burst! hahaha 🙂 🙂 Here are some photos gathered from different cameras of our fun baby playdate yesterday 🙂 This was Theo’s first time to meet his “batchmates” so this was a big deal for us! I even planned his outfit! Naks! Hahaha! My bugoy had so much fun “staring” and “observing” (that’s all he can do for now–the actual playing will come soon, hehehe) so when we got home he was knocked out for hours. Too much fun for my 8 week old baby. These mamas have been my incredible support system for months and I love them all to bits. I’m so happy that Theo will be surrounded by these sweet bubbas and that he has instant BFFs!!!:) Thank you Lord for friends who feel like family!
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