First Month as Husband and Wife

Thank God the world didn’t end yesterday because we’re sorta-kinda 
just starting our life as Mr. and Mrs. Filart! Hehehe 🙂
Photo by Lemarc Limosnero
To celebrate our first month, we’re going to my happy place…. SM!!! Yey! Pat says I can buy 3 shirts today 🙂 Hooray for cheap shopping dates! Hehehe 🙂

4 Responses to First Month as Husband and Wife

  1. “Pat says I can buy 3 shirts today”– that’s cute. maybe in the long run, you can share tips on budgeting and finance for newlyweds especially when the husband and wife both work. i know money can be a sticky issue (as i’ve witnessed with some friends)

  2. My thought on ‘end of the world’ literally, ‘wait!! it can’t be happening yet, i will still go out on a date, have a boyfriend, get married and have twins’. So yeah, thank GOD it’s not yet the end of the world.

    SM is also my favorite – they have it all for us!!