Five Favorites of the Week

For this week’s Five Favorites, I’m exceeding the FIVE item limit so I’ll go with FIVE groups instead! Pilitin na natin! Hahaha! 🙂 Here are some preggy finds that I’ve been loving so far. Again, I’m just a NEWBIE mommy so please don’t ask me for expert advice just yet because I am absolutely clueless just like most of you. Hihihihi! These are just some gifts and recommendations I’ve received from friends that I’m trying out for the first time too. 🙂

1) The Love Languages Bible: Something to walk us through as husband/wife and hopefully strengthen us a parents to be too. The Baby Book: The perfect gift for the two clueless eng-engs (a.k.a. Me and Pat!) from my sister-in-law Mic. Thanks MIC!!! Project Mom: A book I purchased last year which I can finally use and relate to! YEY! 🙂 🙂


2) Ever since I found out we were preggers, I’ve been trying to be more conscious about the products that I use on my face and body. I’ve switched to much gentler products, most of which are paraben free 🙂 All Natural Shampoo&Conditioner by O’Right (available in Piandre Salons), Bio Oil and Palmers Massage Lotion (available in Watsons), Neutrogena’s Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser (got this from the US), Argan+Rosehip Scar Butter (available via So far, the Bio Oil is my favorite–my skin seems to be absorbing it so nicely so I hope it helps keep my skin soft and supple throughout my pregnancy. As for the cleanser, I’m not really an expert yet so it’s all new to me also—but I’ve been advised to steer clear of facial products with whitening and anti-aging ingredients just to be safe so Neutrogena’s Ultra Gentle line works for me.


3) My dear friend and mommy peg, Cat Juan Ledesma recommended these to me and my mom-in-law was kind enough to purchase them for me during a recent trip to the States. I still don’t have a prominent bump yet (i’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting!!!! I want to start looking cute and pregnant already! For now I just look CHUBBY! Hahahaha) so I guess I’ll have to set this aside for now. Can’t wait to use them and start dressing up my bump!


4) Organic Nail Polish from ZOYA (available in select Nail Salons). Zero fumes and no harsh chemicals in these bottles! They are safe enough to use during pregnancy and even after 🙂 You can even use this for your little kids!



5) Happy gifts for the baby from my loved ones! My favorite DR SEUSS book from Marge and Rg and Sophie The Giraffe and Bringing Up Bebe from my sister 🙂 🙂 Awwww, this baby is already so loved!babyitems-2

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