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In a few weeks FLOWHOUSE Manila will be open to the public so I suggest you make your summer plans as early as now and make reservations as I can imagine this place will be packed come April. Since my sister-in-law Cecil is the genius behind the actual facility (she’s the architect responsible for the Flowhouse and the mall that’s still under construction), we were part of the lucky few who were able to get the FLOW experience last weekend. As much as I would’ve loved to go boarding, my current condition (ahem, buntis LANG naman po!) left me in the sidelines cheering instead. Kids and adults alike had a ton of fun!If you’re a beginner, don’t worry, as they have trained staff members who’ll walk you through each step. And the fun part actually is getting washed away and falling! Plus it makes for a good hearty laugh from your “spectators”, hehehe! The fall is quite soft as the flowrider is built to safely cushion a wipe out 🙂 “The FlowRider is the most successful wave attraction associated with flowboarding. It generates a thin sheet of water that flows in the form of an endless, perfect ocean swell and is made of a composite membrane that absorbs falls at all times. The resulting wave-like shape permits riders of all ages to experience the thrill of surfing regardless of location.”  FLOWHOUSE Manila is located just along MOLINO in Cavite. For more details on how you can get there, just visit their website here: www.flowhousemanila.ph 🙂 For the smaller kids (or the not-so-adventurous adults), you can still enjoy the pool just located below the Flowrider. This way, everyone in the barkada can enjoy some fun in the sun.

Thanks again so much Cecil and Jonsy for hosting this fun #FlowWithCecil party! And thanks Ferdy and Bing for that fabulous Cuban feast—I still have dreams about that corn and cubano sandwich. Kagulo sa saaaaraaappp! And congratulations to the FLOWHOUSE TEAM on the upcoming launch 🙂

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