There’s a new campaign by Healthy Options that I would like for all of you to be a part of. It requires minimal effort on your part—but the impact will be tremendous! All you need to do is 1)Eat happily like you always do 2)Finish your food 3)Whip out your phone and take a shot of your empty plate 3) Post it on Instagram with the hashtag #foodlessplate and tag @healthyoptionsph! The more #foodlessplate posts they get, the more mouths will be fed by the Healthy Options team so please spread the word and rally all your friends to participate 🙂 It’s simple and straight forward but still life changing. 

On a more personal note, this has served as a good reminder for you and me. As children we all practiced this habit of finishing our food because our moms and yayas were there to police us—but as adults, sadly, it has become a practice we all take for granted. I hope we will all be more mindful about our consumption and waste management when it comes to preparing food, sticking to proper proportions, and dining out 🙂 LOVE FOOD, DON’T WASTE! High five!

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