Foot Massage Lounge

The beautiful Cat Ilacad of Posh Nails has a new baby in town and it’s called the “FOOT MASSAGE LOUNGE”. As the name is pretty much self explanatory, it’s a place where you can just can pop in to get some good old fashioned foot massages (and also full signature body massages) any time of the day. The interiors are very posh but inviting, definitely not like your run of the mill massage joints. They have huge lazy boy chairs that recline fully so you can doze off completely while you get your feet pampered. They have private rooms for the lovebirds and rooms for small/big groups too. Each room is equipped with it’s own flat screen TV so you can watch your favorite movies too while getting a massage—you’ll feel so at home here! The lounge is located on the 2nd floor of THE FORUM, a new commercial complex in BGC just across the NBC Tent. It’s the building where you’ll find a new Mcdonalds on the ground floor. 

I visited FML for the first time with my girlfriends Lea and Bernice (and yes Cy is my girlfriend too—hollahhh sistahhh!) and we all enjoyed our respective treatments. If you’re planning a post holiday get together with your friends/relatives, then you can definitely schedule a group session here. You can avoid the rush hour and meet after office hours/dinner since they’re open until midnight! It’s an everybody happy kind of get together—because you’re able to catch up and get pampered at the same time. 
On my second visit, I brought ze husband. We got a couples room this time for extra privacy 🙂 We both just snoozed throughout our treatments because it was so relaxing! Husbands, please treat your wives to a session here—especially if they are mommies in dire need of a break. You’ll be amazed how refreshed and revitalized they will be just after a quick 60 minute session. 🙂 And hey, hubbies/bfs,  it doesn’t hurt to get those aching and tense muscles kneaded out too. Unlike shopping, it’s one of those rare activities that guys&girls actually enjoy equally! Hahaha!
On my third and most recent visit, I brought our friends for a triple massage date. We all got couple rooms to enjoy our massages with our respective sweethearts. Giorgio and Fede were visiting from Italy, where massages and spa treatments cost an arm and a leg so you can imagine their delight when we told them how reasonably priced the treatments were. They were so impressed by the quality of the services and the classy ambiance too! The Davises thoroughly enjoyed their treatments as well—so much so that Marcus declared it on FB “I just had the best massage ever! WOW!”. 
Again, my deepest thanks to FOOT MASSAGE LOUNGE for all the fabulous treatments we’ve had so far! The service is very consistent—receptionists are polite and efficient, massage therapists are skilled and well trained, and the place is always spic and span and well maintained. You will definitely see our faces (and feet!) here again and again! For inquiries and reservations, you can call 09267334929. 

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