For the Andy Warhol Fans

Just like most of you, I’m a BIG Andy Warhol fan. Some find him too eccentric and bizarre for their taste, but I have a thing for weird and that’s why I’m a fan. Though I’ll have to agree that some of his pieces are a bit too outrageous even for open-minded and modern people like me. Hehehe. I stumbled across an old blog post from the Apartment Therapy about Warhol and was so HAPPY to see these limited edition Warhol Campbell soup cans. TOTALLY COOL and a half right there!!! To all my friends in the US, please pick up a can for me from Target!
MOMA, New York 2008
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam 2007

“We’ve all heard the phrase “life imitates art”, or is it art imitates life? Either way, for Campbell’s Soup’s 50th Anniversary, they chose to turn the tables on art, taking Andy Warhol’s famous Tomato Soup Can as their inspiration for a series of limited edition cans. There are four cans in the bright pop colors, available at Targets nationwide, all featuring their signature tomato soup — and perfect for a little family education.”

Text and Images from Apartment Therapy

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