For the Love of Phoenix

Just because I’m probably the only person in Manila who didn’t get to watch Phoenix live (Patrick and I have been on tipid mode lately so we didn’t have the budget for extra luxuries this month)—let me just tearfully enjoy them on Youtube instead. My all time favorite song by Phoenix. I always play this song when I’m on a plane–for some odd reason, it has become my long trip anthem 🙂 I love you Phoenix!!!!

One Response to For the Love of Phoenix

  1. That makes the three of us, I guess? :p

    Sometimes, it’s really hard to be a wise steward of the resources that we have been entrusted. I was soooo willing to bust off a portion of my emergency money to watch them live. But, I didn’t get any “go” signal from God so – walang Phoenix moment for me! Hahaha! But then again, I’m sure God must be preparing a little reward for us who chooses to stick with “tipidity” hahaha!